Best Laptops with Intel Core i5 Processor

Updated 24 - Mar - 2019

Intel’s Core i5 processor has become the perfect balance of cost and performance. This particular processor offers enough juice to run modern games and even do photo and video editing. On the flip side, laptops running the Intel Core i5 processor also come in the widest price gamut, tailoring to almost every budgetary need. This means there’s a massive amount of laptops out in the wild running on Intel Core i5, so we have curated a list of best laptops with Intel Core i5 suitable for a variety of needs.

Lenovo Ideapad 530s

Lenovo Ideapad 530s

Sporting one of the best keyboards in town, the Lenovo Ideapad 530s is another Intel Core i5 powered laptop that fared very well in our reviews. Even at maximum workload where we had over half a dozen applications running concurrently: Windows’ default email client, OneNote, Word, iTunes (that played music in the background), WhatsApp for Windows, Steam (that downloaded a game), WordWeb, and Chrome (with at least thirty open tabs across multiple windows), the machine did not even break a sweet. The Lenovo Ideapad 530s powered by the Intel Core I5 is a best of a work machine and is suitable for anyone who spends a lot of time typing and in general other “work” related tasks.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft has quickly been making a name for itself in the devices business, and although its machines are not the most popular choice out there, they are pretty amazing regardless. One such machine is the Surface Laptop, which is powered by the Intel Core i5 processor mated with 8GB of RAM. The Surface Laptop is an incredibly light laptop that is ideal for the person who likes to work on the go. The Alacantra fabric gives the keyboard island a nice, soft texture which makes typing even more comfortable. The downside to the Surface Laptop is that it cannot handle games or heavy image editing due to the lack of a dedicated graphics chip.

Acer Swift 5

Acer Swift 5

The Acer Swift 5 is one of the lightest laptops to be running on the Intel Core i5 chip. When you pick it up, it almost feels like plastic, but the body is actually made from extremely lightweight magnesium allow. The display is a gorgeous 1080p IPS panel ideal for photo editing and the Core i5 chip along with the 8GB RAM offer enough juice to be able to run Adobe Lightroom. It’s a great lightweight alternative to many other Core i5 machines in the market, but do know it offers limited USB ports.

Apple MacBook Air (2018)

Apple MacBook Air (2018)

The Apple MacBook Air had been in need of a refresh for some time now. The MacBook Air was literally the most popular ultrabook through the years and now, it has received a new lease on life with the new 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM with 128GB storage. The new retina display with narrow bezels is another major reason to consider this ultra light notebook from Apple. MacOS Mojave paired with the new hardware deliver great performance. The new MacBook Air is definitely something worth considering if you’re looking for a great all-round machine with great longevity.

Here's is the summary list of Best Laptops with Intel Core i5 Processor March 2019

Product NamePrice starting fromAvailable at
Lenovo Ideapad 530s84999 amazon
Thinkpad X1 YogaN/AN/A
Microsoft Surface Laptop83990 amazon
HP Pavilion x36072000 amazon
Acer Swift 5N/AN/A
Apple MacBook Air (2018)105990 amazon