Best Gaming Controllers in India

Best Gaming Controllers in India

Let's face it #PCMasterRace, there are certain genres of games that simply play better with a controller. Fighting games, flight simulator games, racing games, and even some action adventure games to an extent can be a lot more enjoyable when played with a controller. Take the Dark Souls games for example, you're pretty much playing with a handicap if you don't use a controller while playing that game. To that end, we've got a list of the best gaming controllers in India for you. All of the controllers in this list will work with PCs. Quite a few of these controllers come prepackaged with consoles as well (in case you already happen to own one). These include the XBox Series X|S controllers and the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. Other than that, we've also got some popular third party controllers like the PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller and the Logitech F310, both of which are popular budget alternatives.

1. Microsoft Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controller

Microsoft Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controller

Starting things off with what is arguably the most popular controller option for PC gamers, we have the Xbox Wireless Controller. This controller features a tried and tested ergonomic design which is easy to hold for hours on end. Then you have the familiar Xbox button layout which has been the same for over a decade now. Most PC games will immediately recognise an Xbox Controller as soon as you plug it in, with predetermined control schemes. The controller comes with wired, Bluetooth and even wireless 2.4 GHz connectivity (which is much faster than Bluetooth) if you’re willing to get an Xbox Wireless adapter for your PC. All of these connectivity options also make it a great cross-platform controller. You also get a 3.5mm audio jack for your audio. The Xbox Wireless Controller also comes with impressive battery life at around 30 hours. However it uses AA batteries which is seemingly the only downside for this controller.

2. PowerA Enhanced Wired Gaming Controller

PowerA Enhanced Wired Gaming Controller

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the Xbox Wireless Controller, you have the PowerA Enhanced wired controller. It features the same shape and design as the Xbox controller, but ditches wireless options entirely for a much cheaper price point. There are some benefits to a wired controller over a wireless one. For instance, you will never have to worry about latency, and you will never have to worry about your controller running out of juice. Of course, the cheaper price also definitely helps. Like we mentioned earlier, the controller is almost identical to the Microsoft Xbox Controller, with a few sacrifices in build quality here and there. These include the lack of rubberised grips and an overall lighter weight, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your preference. As a bonus though, the PowerA Enhanced controller also features two buttons on the underside of the controller.

3. Sony DualSense Wireless Controller

Sony DualSense Wireless Controller

The Sony DualSense Controller is currently the best controller for PlayStation users, however it also makes a pretty good PC controller. The DualSense controller can easily be connected to a PC via Bluetooth or with a wired USB-C connection for zero latency. The DualSense controller can be charged unlike the Xbox Controller however, the battery life is much less comparatively, so keep that in mind. The DualSense changes things up from the DualShock controller, with slightly different shape and ergonomics, making for an overall grippier design that offers the familiar DualShock button layout and control scheme. The DualSense also has Steam support, and certain features like advanced haptics and adaptive triggers will only work on PC with a wired connection. The DualSense controller is the best way to experience the recent onset of PlayStation games making their way to PC.

4. Logitech F310

Logitech F310

If you want an even cheaper alternative to the PowerA Enhanced controller, we have the Logitech F310 controller. It features a basic layout that’s more akin to the PlayStation controller, with the two analog sticks sitting parallel to each other at the bottom of the controller. All of the basic buttons are present, four face buttons, a D-pad, two bumpers and triggers, all of which are customisable. It does sacrifice a lot in terms of overall build quality and ergonomics, but the price point tends to make up for it. If you’re the kind of person who prefers to stick to keyboard and mouse and occasionally use a controller once in a while, then the Logitech F310 is the ideal controller for you.

5. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch Pro controller is a surprisingly good option if you’re looking for a PC controller. Bonus if you’ve already got a Nitendo Switch as well. It comes with a very ergonomic shape and a familiar button layout that’s very similar to the Xbox controller making it a great alternative. The Switch Pro controller features both wired, and wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. It works like a breeze with wired connections, and Steam even recognises it as an official controller. However, there are a few hoops that one might need to jump through to get the controller to work with PC via Bluetooth. That said, if you already own a Switch or if you’re looking for an alternative to the Xbox controller, this is a no-brainer.

6. Microsoft Xbox Elite Series

Microsoft Xbox Elite Series

If price is no concern for you and you want the best of the best out there, then you probably want the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. Like the classic Xbox Wireless controller, you have the same shape and button layout, but there is a noticeable improvement in the overall build quality and ruggedness of the controller. Furthermore, you now have four rear paddle buttons under the controller, all of which, including the standard face buttons, are fully customisable. With so many actions right at your fingertips, your in-game APM will shoot through the roof. If that wasn’t enough, the D-pad, back paddles and analog sticks are all swappable, and the sticks are tunable allowing you to deal with dead zones. The Elite Series 2 controller comes with rechargeable batteries out of the box unlike the base variant, and these batteries can last up to a whopping 40 hours on a single charge. Like the core Xbox Wireless controller, you have wired, Bluetooth and wireless 2.4 GHz connections if you’ve got the adapter.

7. Turtle Beach Recon Wired Gamepad

Turtle Beach Recon Wired Gamepad

Another controller featuring the tried and tested Xbox button layout, the Turtle Beach Recon controller doesn’t exactly come cheap. However, this wired controller comes with some additional frills that you won’t normally see on any controller, let alone an Xbox controller. The Turtle Beach Recon comes with Turtle Beach’s Super Human Hearing which can be used to finetune in-game audio and features audio controls, game and chat mix, mic monitoring and more directly on the gamepad. The controller also features two back paddles or back buttons for you to map additional actions to. The controller isn’t lacking in build quality either, and features a textured and rubberised grips.

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Best Gaming Controllers in India Faq's

How to choose the best gaming controller for you?

Like with any peripheral, knowing the kind of shape, button layout, or battery life in the case of a wireless controller, that you prefer will greatly help you choose the right controller for you. As of right now, there are two popular controller layouts, the Xbox and PlayStation. Knowing what you prefer beforehand will greatly help you decide on the best gaming controller for you. If you already happen to own either of those consoles, then you can try those controllers with your PC to see if that’s what you prefer.

Are controllers better than keyboard and mouse for PC?

If you’re playing an FPS (first person shooter) game or RTS (real-time strategy) game, basically games which require precise control and targeting, then you’re better off with a keyboard and mouse in 9/10 cases. However, there are plenty of genres that not only play better on a controller, controllers will also improve your overall experience while playing the game.