Panasonic India forays into OLED TV range with HDR 10+ Technology

Panasonic has introduced two models in OLED and 11 models in 4K segment which are equipped with company’s advanced proprietary technology and features.

By Press Release | Published 25 Jul 2018 22:14 IST
  • Panasonic has introduced two models in OLED and 11 models in 4K segment which are equipped with company’s advanced proprietary technology and features.

Panasonic India forays into OLED TV range with HDR 10+ Technology
Panasonic India forays into OLED TV range with HDR 10+ Technology

Panasonic India has launched a series of OLED and 4K TVs. The new OLED lineup comes in 55-inch FZ950 series and 65-inch FZ1000 series with starting price of Rs 2,99,000. In addition, the company also launched 11 models of 4K LED TV with prices starting from Rs 65,000.

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Offering a superior viewing experience through advanced technology, Panasonic India, a leader in technological innovation, today announced its entry in the OLED TV segment. Tuned and used in Hollywood, the new premium range of OLED TV goes a step further by offering technology that translates into features and benefits that are unbeatable. It aims at giving users the best possible picture quality and colour accuracy, showing movies in the way the filmmakers intended. The new OLED line up comes in 55 inch FZ950 series and 65-inch FZ1000 series with starting price of INR 2,99,000. In addition, Panasonic also launched 11 models of 4K LED TV priced at INR 65,000 onwards.

Panasonic OLED TVs are an experiential haven for consumers with advanced features and technology, delivering pictures the way they are created to be seen. Equipped with Hexa Chroma Drive Pro, the TV reproduces the colours of real life using professional colour-processing technology. For most dynamic contrast, it boasts an Absolute Black Filter, which ensures the purest and most accurate black levels by absorbing ambient light in order to eliminate reflections. Boosting brightness and picture quality, the Super Bright Panel Plus injects more brightness into pictures, while the HDR10+ provides unprecedented picture quality on all displays with brightness, color and contrast automatically optimized for each scene. Additionally, the Ultra Fine Tuning technology reveals unimaginable nuance in tone and expresses the finest life-like details from the lightest to the darkest shades. To provide a holistic experience, the new line-up also comes with deceptively thin Dynamic Blade Speakers, making it possible to reach powerful low tones, giving an unparalleled sound.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Manish Sharma, President and CEO, Panasonic India and South Asia and Vice President Appliances Company Panasonic Corporation, “Now that we have moved into our centenary year, we will continually look at displaying innovative capabilities by exceeding our product and software advances, which will in turn put us at the cusp of revolutionising the technological ecosystem. With the introduction of our first-ever OLED line of TV’s, we seek to cement our position as a technology company with a vision for the future and provide an enhanced cinematic experience.”

Mr. Neeraj Bahl, Associate Director – Business Group Head, Consumer Electronic, Panasonic India,  “With the introduction of our new line of OLED televisions, we have now entered into a new dawn of technological supremacy. These new OLED TVs are the ‘Choice of Hollywood’, which means that the consumers can own the very TVs, which are used to create the shows and movies that they love. We are also working closely with Hollywood giant Deluxe, to ensure that the technical accuracy of the award winning TV’s matches the filmmaker’s creative intent. With the introduction of our 2018 line-up of TV’s, we are looking at disseminating an amplified cinematic experience to our consumers.

Experience life-like images with one billion colours        

For experiencing life-like images, the Hexa Chroma Drive Pro, Panasonic’s original revolutionary color processing technology, has been designed to accurately reproduce exceptionally large gamut of one billion colours, and faithfully render difficult dark shades. The result is more precise colour reproduction, especially in areas that are particularly difficult to reproduce such as dark shadows and bright highlights. The new line-up also features Absolute Black Filter, a special and unique filter that reduces external reflections to reproduce accurate black shades. Moreover, the Ultra Fine Tuning technology reproduces every detail as the director intended.

Build a seamless connection with multiple smart devices

Uniquely designed with smart features, the new OLED TVs are upgraded to a new operating system - My Home Screen 3.0 that lets users customize and navigate their content apps faster than before. The two-way Bluetooth Audio Link function connects easily to a wireless audio speaker via Bluetooth® to provide powerful sound, and allows you to play music content from a smartphone or tablet device on the TV speakers. The TV series is also equipped with an intriguing swipe and share mechanism, which makes sharing content between the TV and smart devices over the home network easier than ever.

TVs on the verge of Art, created on the ethos of Interior Design

Following its user-centric approach, Panasonic has designed the OLED TV range for perfect viewing. By merging the ideas of individual style with personal environments, the TV’s seamlessly integrate with every style. Elegant and with an air of refinement, the new OLED TVs are designed to the highest standards using only premium materials. Designed within the umbrella of Panasonic’s ‘Art & Interior’ ethos, the FZ1000 and FZ950 have been fashioned with dark metallic finishes and without any visible seams. In addition, stunning design, the top-level FZ1000 model has an upgraded Dynamic Blade Speaker. With an aim to bring the best sound to the OLED TV, the audio system provides sound no less than multiple speaker units.

4K – For ultimate picture quality and dynamic sound

Bearing the Hexa Chroma Drive Pro, Panasonic’s new 4K range is equipped with 550 units Super Bright panel, HDR1000. It boosts the picture quality by Digitally Enhanced Local Dimming of the LED backlighting, and combines fine control of the physical backlight operation with additional processing to deliver better localisation of black levels.  Panasonic has pushed the envelope of design even further through its innovative ‘Switch Design’, with Swivel functionality, which offers the perfect viewing angle and gives plenty of options of where you can place your television. Moreover, the Glass Bezel in FX800 adds a touch of finesse to the design and finishing to the televisions.

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