Android TV 13 final release is available now and here are the new changes

By G. S. Vasan | Published 04 Dec 2022 11:50 IST
  • Android TV 13 is out now.

  • It will be initially rolling out for Android-powered smart TVs and Google TV-powered Chromecasts.

  • Here is a run-through of the Android 13 TV changelog.

Android TV 13 final release is available now and here are the new changes
Android 13 TV improvements detailed

After months of beta testing, the final version of Android TV 13 is out. The Android TV update is not flashy in terms of UI changes but there are some important performance and quality improvements nonetheless. Let’s find out what they are here.

Android 13 for TV features and changes

Android 13 TV

1. Before an audio track is created, Android 13 TV allows apps to identify the routed audio device and compatible formats.

2. The user gets to set the preferred display resolution and refresh rate, as well as language selection on compatible HDMI source devices.

3. There will be a better low-powered standby mode.

4. You can find Hardware mute switch states in the system privacy controls.

5. Even the Assistant microphone access from the remote gets improved.

6. Android 13 for TV offers audio descriptions across apps.

7. New keyboard APIs bring different language layouts for external keyboards.

8. The HDMI state changes on HDMI source devices will be more seamless.

9. There is also improved performance and support of Tuner HAL 2.0, twin tuner, and Multi-layer ISDB-T.

10. Google has also added a framework for interactive TV use cases as an extension to TIF.

How to download Android 13 for TV 

Android 13 TV

Well, the end user will have to wait for the TVs or casting devices to get the new update. As for the tinkers and folks from the TV manufacturing business can download Android 13 for TV here. It is available for both ADT-3 and the Android TV emulator.

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For more technology news, product reviews, sci-tech features and updates, keep reading or head to our Google News page.

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