This Nokia 3310 is selling for $2500

By Team Digit | Updated 10 Jul 2017
This Nokia 3310 is selling for $2500
  • This luxury version of the phone is made by a Russian company commemorating the meeting of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin at the G-20 summit.

If you thought the Nokia 3310 was special, you need to take a look at this exquisite $2500 (Rs. 1,61,400 approx) version of the feature phone, which has been manufactured by a Russian company. Termed as the Putin-Trump edition, this Nokia 3310 is made out of exotic and expensive materials like Titanium and Gold, instead of the usual plastic. The phone is made to commemorate the meeting of the two heads of states at the G-20 Summit, which happened in Hamburg, Germany.


The company behind the phone is called Caviar, and has a long portfolio making exclusive and luxury products. For the Nokia 3310 Putin-Trump edition, Caviar has kept the internals pretty much the same as the original. Hence, the device is still running a Series 30+ operating system, has dual SIM slots, a 2MP rear camera and 2G connectivity. The battery life is claimed to provide the user 22 hours of talk-time. The exterior on the other hand has been completely revamped. 

Instead of the plastic shell, the new luxury phone has a Titanium body with a Damascus steel pattern. The control button has the G-20 summit logo engraved on it. On the back of the device, there is a badge with portraits of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump engraved and gold plated. Below it, there is a small plaque marking the date of the G-20 summit meeting. Above the camera, there is another small engraving with the individual number of the unit. The phone is now available for pre-orders, but we are not sure who will be buying it in the first place.

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