Nothing Phone (1) gets another software update with battery percentage display for AirPods

By Shikhar Mehrotra | Published 26 Nov 2022 17:27 IST
  • The Nothing OS 1.1.7 is now available for Phone (1) users.

  • It comes with better support for Apple AirPods, among other improvements.

  • Here is everything you need to know about the new Nothing Phone (1) update.

Nothing Phone (1) gets another software update with battery percentage display for AirPods

Nothing has released a new software update for Phone (1) users. The update is called Nothing OS 1.1.7 and is already rolling out to Phone (1) users worldwide. The update comes with some bug fixes and improvements over the previous version. However, its highlight seems to be better support for Apple AirPods. The size of the update is about 80MB. Here is what's new in the Nothing OS 1.1.7. 

How to update Nothing Phone (1) to Nothing OS 1.1.7?

Checking in a Phone (1) unit available, the Nothing OS 1.1.7 update was available. As mentioned earlier, the new feature released with this update is the "battery percentage display for AirPods." Although the ability comes as an experimental feature, it works fine. To install the latest Nothing OS update, head to the Settings menu, scroll down, select System, and tap on System Update. There, tap on the 'Download and Install' button towards the bottom right corner. 

What’s new in Nothing OS 1.1.7?

Now, let's talk about the Nothing OS 1.1.7 update improvements. First, the company has equipped the update with an October/November security patch. Then it improves OS fluidity and reduces system stutters. Another point mentioned in the update notes says that it adjusts the "thermal threshold to better balance performance and temperature." 

Users who complain about poor microphone quality while recording videos should update their Nothing Phone (1) immediately, as the latest system update comes with improved audio quality. Last but not least, the new version shows more accurate battery status. Talking about the bug fixes in the update: it resolves "an issue causing WhatsApp notifications to be unresponsive" on the lock screen. 

Carl Pei, the founder of the London-based consumer tech company, teased the Nothing OS 1.5.0, based on Android 13, a couple of days ago. However, Pei did not say when the update would be available for the Nothing Phone (1) users. Previously, Pei said that Nothing would focus on providing a quality experience, indicating that the company might not be among the first to provide Android 13. Nevertheless, the image shared by Pei suggests that the latest Nothing OS built is in the works, and users should expect the update to be available soon. 

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