Apple Music now has over 20 million paid subscribers

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 7 Dec 2016
Apple Music now has over 20 million paid subscribers
  • Over 50 percent of Apple's subscriber base comes from countries other than the US.

Apple Music has crossed 20 million paying subscribers. Apple confirmed the information to Billboard, yesterday. According to the company, it had hit the 17 million mark three months ago, while in April it had 13 million paying subscribers, while in February, it had 11 million paying subscribers. This brings Apple up to half of the paying subscribers that Spotify has, although the service is much newer than Spotify. The latter has 40 million users.


Interestingly, reports say that more than 50 percent of Apple’s subscribers come to countries other than the US. Moreover, over 60 percent of these paying subscribers have not made any purchases on the iTunes store in the last year.

Apple Music was launched last year, with iOS 9. The company announced its own B1 Radio, which would be a live radio channel streaming over Apple Music. The company charges Rs. 120 per month for an individual subscription. In fact, Apple recently announced its student plans for India, which allows students to subscribe to its service at Rs. 60 per month.

However, Apple’s app has often been questioned on usability and intuitiveness. In fact, Apple Music has even been called one of the worst apps that Apple has ever made. The app was revamped by Apple, with the launch of iOS 10, but the company didn’t solve most of the issues that users had.

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