Apple iPhone SE 4 may just be scrapped altogether: Kuo

By Kajoli Anand Puri | Published 21 Dec 2022 11:14 IST
  • It was believed that Apple is working on a relatively affordable offering known as the Apple iPhone SE 4.

  • The Apple iPhone SE 4 was supposed to be launched in 2024.

  • Now, rumours indicate that the company is scrapping the phone entirely, or might just delay production.

Apple iPhone SE 4 may just be scrapped altogether: Kuo
Apple iPhone SE 4 may just be scrapped altogether: Kuo

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the brand might cancel or delay the production of the 2024 iPhone SE 4. This is mainly because of low expected shipments of this smartphone, along with other middle-tier and lower-end ones like the iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 14 Plus. Additionally, the fullscreen design of the smartphone may lead to higher manufacturing costs. Speaking about the same, Kuo said they might have to "reconsider the product positioning and return on investment".

Apple iPhone SE 4 specifications (rumoured)

The Apple iPhone SE 4 was expected to launch in 2024, and was supposed to sport a look similar to the iPhone XR. It was believed that the smartphone would come with a 6.1-inch LCD or OLED display that had a notch for the selfie camera at the top. Apple had reportedly not taken a call between opting for an LCD display and an OLED panel.

Apple iPhone SE 4 may be a victim of the recession

There are rumours that Apple saw fewer sales of the affordable versions of the Apple iPhone 14. This, coupled with the economic recession that’s been looming towards us, could be another reason why Apple might scrap the Apple iPhone SE 4 for good. 


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