HP’s new Sure View screen will prevent others from peeking inside your laptop

By Adamya Sharma | Updated 9 Sept 2016
HP’s new Sure View screen will prevent others from peeking inside your laptop
  • The HP Sure View screen works by cutting off light to the sides of the screen, making it visible only to the person sitting right in front of the laptop.

Don’t you just hate it when you find your colleagues, or even your boss, taking a peek inside your laptop screen, when you’re on Facebook or just browsing aimlessly at work? It’s annoying when you constantly have to look over your shoulder, just to find a bunch of people staring into your screen. Well, HP and 3M have come up with a solution for this.


Called the Sure View screen, the new display technology cuts off viewing angles in a laptop screen, by limiting the light flow to the sides of the screen. When activated, it enables only those sitting in front of the laptop to view the screen, cutting off 95% of the light from being directed to the sides of the screen, preventing anyone else from viewing it.

What’s good about the feature is that it can be activated or deactivated with the press of a button. So, if you are not using your laptop in public, you may not want to activate the feature. The guys over at The Verge got to experience the screen and according to them “the screen became very hard, though not altogether impossible, to view from the side.”

HP will be bringing the Sure View screen to two laptops: the EliteBook 1040 and EliteBook 840 starting September.

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