Sony Ericsson V800

By Team Digit | Published on 07 Jan 2008
Sony Ericsson V800
Camera phones are so been there, done that: remove phone, aim, click, show. Yawn… But hey, what's this? A video phone, eh? With a video camcorder, an MPEG4 video player, and what's that, video telephony!? You mean I could video conference with another V800 user with just a press of this button?

The camera, the shiny heart of this beast, nestles on the hinge; it can do much-twist around for one. So taking those vanity shots is oh-so-easy! While the 4X digital zoom is nothing novel, the panorama mode will let you combine three overlapping pictures into one larger picture. Being MMS-enabled, it allows you to share your video-pictures-sounds-fancy-text creation with others.

Playing video and audio is passé; this baby gets you live audio and video streams. Additional memory is a must for any phone that can record and play MP3 files, a need that is fulfilled by the Memory Stick Duo support that the V800 lends-as much as 1 GB.

You can also play 3D Java games on this phone, complete with force feedback and multiplayer support via Bluetooth. The multitasking feature lets you upload images while telling your friends about it.

We could point out its other features-tri-band, GSM/GPRS, inbuilt modem, Web browser etc,  but that would be so been there, done that…

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