singNshock: an alarm clock that delivers electric shocks

By Kul Bhushan | Updated 18 Jan 2013
singNshock: an alarm clock that delivers electric shocks
  • Jump-start your morning with singNshock alarm clock that wakes you with an electrical shock... perfect for all those suffering from early morning laziness.

Many of us, especially those living the 9 to 5 lifestyle, find it really difficult to get up early in the morning. Despite setting multiple alarm alerts, people stay in the bed by pressing that snooze button, and then that “10 more minutes” become an hour or even longer. Subsequently, we are late for our offices or colleges. But now a student from Patna, Sankalp Sinha, currently studying in Sharda University of Greater Noida, has found a solution for this – an alarm clock that delivers an electric shock when users press the button.


The device called singNshock, comes with built-in music player and speakers that are coupled with a MMC slot. The device allows you to wake up with the song of your choice. Music playback can be controlled through the device's touchscreen interface. The singNshock alarm clock can store up to 32GB of music.

On pressing the button to turn the alarm off, the device releases an electrical pulse. The pulse is however just a few millivolts. According to Sankalp Sinha, the pulse is enough to wake up the person without causing any harm.

The singNshock is currently a concept device. Developer Sinha has plans for a range of six colours, LED lighting for more ambiance in the bedroom. Take a look at the concept singNShock images below:


Would you use an alarm clock with an electrical pulse? Let us know in the comments section below:


Kul Bhushan

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