OnePlus Crackables challenge begins today at 5:30 PM: Here’s how you can win a $30,000 gaming rig from OnePlus

By Shubham Sharma | Published on 18 Sep 2018
  • We got early access to the OnePlus Crackables puzzles and here you will get to learn some tips that just might increase your chances of winning the challenge.

OnePlus Crackables challenge begins today at 5:30 PM: Here’s how you can win a $30,000 gaming rig from OnePlus

OnePlus has officially announced the Crackables challenge, which is a series of six time-sensitive puzzle-based games. If the competition itself doesn’t have you excited, the company is luring gamers by offering a gaming setup worth $30,000 (Rs 21.74 lakhs approx) to the winner, along with other prizes. However, not all spoils will go to the victor as there are some “mysterious prizes” for the runner-up and the second runner-up and everyone that takes part in the challenges will get opportunities to win prizes along the way. The challenge can only be played on a browser using a smartphone and one can participate by heading over to

So, how does one go about to win the contest and take home, what we are guessing, an ultra high-end gaming rig? Firstly, time is of the essence if one wants to win the OnePlus Crackables challenge. Out of the six challenges, three are digital puzzles that players need to tackle online, while the other three are a combination of physical and digital tasks. Only the first 1000 players that complete the three digital games will be qualified to continue and receive a microcontroller to advance to the next stages of the puzzle, which are called the hardware rounds.

We got early access to the game and tried some of the challenges but stating anything about the puzzles itself is no better than cheating. However, we can give you some tips and familiarise you with the nature of these challenges so that players know what they will be up against and plan their play accordingly.  Keeping the time-sensitive nature of the puzzles in mind, players are suggested to be swift in completing the challenges, which will increase in complexity as one progresses further. It’s important to log in using a Google account otherwise the progress will not be saved. Here is a screenshot of the puzzles below. These games will test mental assessment, pattern association and matching, as well as your power of recollection. 

The aim of the game is to free a character called Crax from a digital prison called the Cube. We highly recommend using headphones as Crax will give out instructions and hints from time to time. A small question mark symbol that is highlighted in the screenshot above will also show up while solving a puzzle and if one is unable to solve the challenge in one try, they should tap on it to get some clue pertaining to the challenge so that it can be solved faster. After successfully solving some of the puzzles, a code of some information might be displayed that one will need to enter via the text field at the bottom of the screen. As for the other three hardware-based challenges, we are yet to receive our physical device to check out the challenges. Stay tuned to as we will soon post some more helpful tips on how to crack the Crackable challenge. 

OnePlus Crackables has been written by Sleep Deprivation Lab and we suggest checking out the other titles they have worked upon. Davidson Cole, a Sleep Deprivation Lab collaborator since 2015, came up with the challenges. Additionally, the new series of challenges have been built in collaboration with Google. OnePlus collaborated with Google's Zoo team to develop the campaign. Google Zoo is a creative team within Google that helps brands and agencies come up with creative campaigns using the company's tech.

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