Nissan has uber-cool self-parking chairs in its office!

By Souvik Das | Updated 16 Feb 2016
Nissan has uber-cool self-parking chairs in its office!
  • The only problem is, what if you're sitting on one?

Nissan has released a video of its latest in-house toy — self-parking chairs! The video shows the usual office chairs fit with a round console housing cameras and parking mechanism at its base. The chairs respond to claps, and obediently travels back to their resting positions by tables. The technology has been borrowed from Nissan’s expertise in self-driving cars, and employs four cameras placed at the corners of a room to record a bird’s eye view of the plot and feed it to the chair, to guide it on its route back home.


It is being called “Intelligent Parking Chair”, and on the released video, looks like a fun workplace with polite, sober chairs that knows how to handle the tirades of your conference room. There is one catch, however, that strikes you. Imagine the day when you give the best presentation of your lifetime, and your colleagues start applauding your work. What happens then? Does the room go crazy, with the chairs carrying around the ladies and the gentlemen in sudden directions and initiating chaos? If such an incident does indeed happen, chances are high that the polite chairs may simply ruin your successful day, with the applause being the cue.

On a serious note, this looks like an interesting foray into the future of automation. Take a look for yourself!

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