Netflix is testing out its Mobile+ plan, priced at Rs 349 per month in India

Netflix is testing out its Mobile+ plan, priced at Rs 349 per month in India

Netflix is testing its new Mobile+ plan in India

Netflix offers new plan to stream movies and TV shows on PCs

Netflix Mobile+ plan offered to select users

Netflix is currently testing a new Mobile+ plan in India priced at Rs 349 monthly that offers HD streaming for phone, tablet or PC. It does not include streaming on TV and follows the basic mobile plan which costs Rs 199. The Mobile+ plan offers HD streaming on a single device and that could be your smartphone, tablet or PC. 

In a statement to the media, Netflix said “We launched the Mobile plan in India to make it easier for anyone with a smartphone to enjoy Netflix. We want to see if members like the added choice this offer bring. We will only roll it out long-term if they do.” The Mobile+ plan is only being trialled with select users currently and based on the adoption rate Netflix will decide whether the plan can be added to the roster permanently.

Netflix is testing out its Mobile+ plan for Rs 349

The Mobile+ plan by Netflix offers HD streaming on your smartphone, tablets or PC but does not support the television. The company announced the Mobile plan back in 2019 and now with the Plus plan, users can watch Netflix on their computers as well. So, if you are someone who watches a lot of movies and TV shows on your PC, the Netflix Mobile+ plan could be perfect for you.

If you want to watch Netflix on your TV, you might want to check out the Basic, Standard, Premium plans that offer up to 4K streaming and support for up to 4 concurrent streams. The Basic plan is priced at Rs 499, the Standard plan is priced at Rs 649 and the Premium plan is priced at Rs 799 in India. The Mobile+ plan sits between the Mobile and Basic plans and is an extension of the mobile-only plan that the company has introduced in some markets.

Netflix isn’t the most affordable streaming platform in India and its move to trail a new Rs 349 Mobile+ plan could be indicative of a strategy shift as the company wants to reach out to a wider audience in the country.

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