Best anime shows on Netflix to watch during the lockdown

Andrew Lu | Published 16 Apr 2020
Best anime shows on Netflix to watch during the lockdown
  • If you're bored during the lockdown, we'd suggest you check out some of these awesome anime shows on Netflix

  • If you're a fan of Japanese animation, you'll not want to miss these shows

With the lockdown being extended for another two weeks, we have a lot more time to check out shows or films that we’ve missed out because of work, responsibilities etc. So, we’ve decided to give you guys something a little different this time with the Best Anime shows on Netflix. Anime has been on a tear lately with a ton of shows and films making their way to Netflix and what better time to check out some of the best anime series on Netflix. Some of these shows aren’t meant for children so do be careful. 

Anime is basically animation that follows a particular style, which really originated in Japan. The genre has a long and storied history and has finally made its way to our shores. Some of these shows are also some of the most-watched series on Netflix and are some of the best animation shows on Netflix as well. These anime shows on Netflix will thrill, delight and even scare you so prepare yourself. There are a lot of Netflix anime shows in 2020 but we’ll be taking a look at shows that span earlier decades as well. 

So, let’s get started, shall we?


You all know how awesome Naruto is so let’s skip the platitudes and get right into the meat of the show. Naruto has some of the best action anime has to offer and the combination of mysticism and martial arts really puts the show ahead of its peers. Naruto charts the tale of Naruto as he battles rival Ninja academies and even himself as Naruto is incredibly powerful but must control his rage lest he ends up destroying everything he’s ever loved. 


Written by famed comic book scribe Warren Ellis, Castlevania (read our review here) is one of the best Netflix series on the platform. It’s got everything you could ask for with vampires, insane religious cults and even big bad Dracula himself. The story follows Trevor Belmont, who comes from a long line of monster hunters as he battles religious fanatics and Dracula which delivered some eye-popping action and beautiful animation. Also, this show is definitely not for children. 

Fullmetal Alchemist

With a 51 episode season, Fullmetal Alchemist is easily one of the longer anime out there. The story follows two brothers on a mission to find the Philosopher's stone, an object that can change the properties of matter, to try and revive their mother. Also, one of the brothers is a corporeal being housed in a suit of armour. Together they must battle the physical manifestations of the Seven Deadly Sins. The series has won numerous awards but a word of warning, if you're a fan of the anime, know that halfway through the season, the story does diverge from the original series so do expect a surprise. 

Devilman Crybaby

Another one on the ‘not for children’ list, Devilman Crybaby features no crybabies but a whole lot of violence and a thumping soundtrack that will have you tapping your feet whether you like it or not. It’s one of the best-animated shows on Netflix and has a unique animation style as well. The story basically retells the events of the original 1970’s story but updated to fit more with modern times. It’s a violent show that does not hold back on the bloodshed so do watch it at your own risk.

Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia is basically Harry Potter on Japanese steroids and it’s exactly as nutty as you’d expect. The story follows a young girl who enrols in a school that trains young witches and she is ostracised because she’s a muggle. But, as fate would have it, she finds her own magic wand in the form of the Shiny Rod and that’s when things start to get interesting. The animation is beautiful and fluid and this Netflix anime series is definitely one that is meant for kids and younger audiences. 

Kengan Ashura

For fans of Mixed Martial Arts and professional fighting in general, Kengan Ashura is exactly the show you need to watch. A tale of a corporate war fought by proxy through the world best martial artists, the show is incredibly faithful to the art of MMA with the right moves and submissions that really go a long way in helping the credibility of the show. The animation is slick and the fights are some of the most bone-crunching bouts we’ve ever seen. If you practice MMA, you’ll definitely want to watch this show. 


Grappler Baki is one of the most well-known anime shows on Netflix but its origins date back to the 1980s. The story follows Baki as he enters a martial arts tournament to prove that he is the most powerful fighter in the world. The tournament also attracts some of the most dangerous fighters on the planet and if anything, these fights are nasty and really showcase some of the best action on the screen. 


Hellsing follows the adventures of the vampire Alucard and his oath to protect the Royal Order of Protestant Knights. If you’ve ever wanted to see a vampire unleashed all of its powers, then Hellsing is the show for you. Oh, did we mention the fact that the villains in this series are literal Nazi vampires? Oh yeah, just when you thought Nazis were the worst, now you’ve got unkillable Nazi vampires? Oh Lord have mercy. 

One Punch Man

We’ve talked about the insane awesomeness of One Punch Man before but the show is good that we don’t mind spilling the beans again. The show follows the story of Saitama, who basically looks like a cue ball with a body, as he battles his way through some truly otherworldly threats while basically trying his best to avoid fighting. It’s a funny and action-packed show that is ideal for fans of regular action movies who want a little substance in their action. 

Death Note

Death Note is one of the most popular shows on Netflix and there’s a damn good reason for that. The show has a unique story wherein a boy named Light finds a notebook that basically kills anyone whose name is written on the pages of said book. This leads to a cat and mouse game as Light becomes the villain of the story as he starts killing people at random using the notebook. It’s one of the most interesting stories in Anime and deserves at least a watch.


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