Large 32-inch monitors for your workstation

Large 32-inch monitors for your workstation

Having a large display to work with is a sure shot productivity enhancer. It lets you see more content at once, meaning less scrolling around and more of actually seeing what you want. Scientists, data analysts, coders, engineers, photographers, video editors and designers are just some of the users who can benefit from extra screen real estate. A 32-inch monitor is a pretty good pick for most users. Extra features such as HDR support, fast panels, bezel-less edges, colour accuracy further sweeten the pot. 

ViewSonic VX3211-4K-MHD 32 inch VA Technology 4K Ultra HD Resolution Monitor

Here’s one of the most value for money 4K monitors around. The 32-inch screen size is good enough to let you enjoy content in 4K resolution. Naysayers would say that 4K is only usable by movie buffs and creatives, but the high resolution makes even reading text a lot more appealing. The high-resolution display will benefit gamers, budding creators, videographers and all kinds of users. Not just that, it will also let you enjoy all the latest 4K content. The monitor also supports HDR10. It has a peak brightness of 300 nits, AMD FreeSync support, and high colour accuracy. 

LG Ultragear 81.28 cm (32-inch) QHD (2K) Gaming Monitor with 144Hz

If you’re a gamer, you know the value of a large screen and just how it can benefit you when playing games. Thanks to the 2K resolution of this display, it can run games at high visual fidelity, making them even more impressive to look at. Not just that, this monitor packs a punch for serious gamers as well – it has a fast display panel with a 144Hz refresh rate, which makes things look smoother on-screen. Gamers can benefit from high resolution in new open-world games, and the high-speed display panel will come in handy when playing online games. For best ergonomics, it is height adjustable as well.  

LG QHD (2560 x 1440) 32 Inch IPS Display 3 Side Borderless

Here’s a versatile monitor for all kinds of users. The bezel-less design gives it an immersive look and feel. This is seen not just in games, movies and other content, but in data, presentations and related tasks too. Incidentally, it comes with HDR 10 support, which means you can enjoy high dynamic range content. Photographers and videographers will benefit from this and 99% sRGB coverage as well. Furthermore, it has a QHD 2K resolution and multiple connection ports at the back.

Samsung 32 inch (80.1 cm) M5 Smart Monitor

Smart TVs are a pretty common thing, but Smart monitors; Whoever heard of that? This is a monitor which can function by itself – it can connect to the internet, and has built-in support for apps such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Youtube, Apple TV streaming services and more. Using wireless DeX, you can get a full PC like experience without having to plug in a display source. With DeX, you get to use mobile productivity apps, video conferencing, browse the web and even view documents saved on the cloud. This also enables remote access, meaning you can always switch it off or on, and work on it from anywhere. It has an adaptive picture option, a feature that lets the monitor sense time of day and tunes the display colour temperature accordingly. It is a full HD 32-inch monitor that gets the job done.