Google announces Chromecast Ultra for 4K and HDR streaming

By Manish Rajesh | Published on 05 Oct 2016
  • The new Chromecast Ultra will be 1.8 times faster than the current. Starts at $69

Google announces Chromecast Ultra for 4K and HDR streaming

During the Google Pixel Event today, Google announced their Chromecast Ultra, which is a 4K version of its popular streaming puck. With the new Chromecast Ultra you will now be able to stream in 4K from Netflix, YouTube, etc. 

Google’s Chromecast has been an inexpensive streaming device, something that was fast and and easy to use. Just plug it in and get right to it. Rumours have been around that a new Chromecast was coming, and lo and behold, Google introduced a new 4K / HDR upgrade to the Chromecast: the Chromecast Ultra. The new Chromecast Ultra comes at $69, which is far more expensive than the current Chromecast price tag of $35. Still it isn’t all that expensive when compared to other 4K players in the market and will definitely be worth picking up for anyone who wants a device to stream 4K or HDR videos on their new 4K TVs.

According to Google, the new Chromecast Ultra will be 1.8 times faster than the last model and will load videos faster regardless. It will also include Ethernet support through a dongle for those who prefer that over WiFi or have weaker WiFi connections. You’ll be able to find content in 4K for the new Chromecast on Google Play Movies as well, which will also be getting 4K support.

The Chromecast Ultra looks similar to the current Chromecast, as in it still looks like a hockey puck, but with the “G” logo instead of the Chrome. It’s got a small HDMI cord, so you can hide it away behind your TV and it won’t protrude from the sides. It will still allow you to mirror content from your Android phones and your laptops as well. And of course it will work with Google Home as well once it’s released.

Chromecast Ultra will be available starting November, and it will be competing with the likes of Roku’s new 4K players, Amazon’s 4K Fire TV and maybe even a new Apple TV.

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