Extension boards for your everyday needs

Extension boards for your everyday needs

The extension board is a great utility product connecting all your electrical and electronic devices simultaneously. So, your laptops, desktops, television, mobiles, and more can be connected at the same time. Any extra devices that you need to use, the extension boards facilitate the same too. It is a big help, but you need to ensure that you get yourself capable extension boards so that your devices are all well-protected from electrical surges and spikes. 

Gongniu (Formerly Bull) Extension Board

The Gongniu Extension Board has a single silver-alloy tactile contact switch tested for 10,000 cycles on/off options. The presence of 6 sockets facilitates the connection of multiple devices. The wire is 5 meters long, helping connect devices that are placed further away. The board has an LED indicator for a visual alert. All safety aspects have been taken care of with 100% pure brass bar inside; the material is fire-resistant and eco-friendly too. The Polypropylene material makes the board lightweight so that you carry it with ease when travelling.

Hoteon LDNIO 2500W Extension Board

The Hoteon LDNIO has a fine-quality construction, made from ABS that makes it safe for use. The material is anti-fire and high temperature-resistant. It is also flame retardant effective providing all-encompassing protection from fire-related dangers. The superior quality of the material also makes it lightweight and handy; ideal for use anywhere inside and outside. The extension board has been made to protect your devices from over-voltage, over-current, overload, electrical surges, and short circuit. Additionally, the switches and safety shutters and jack covers keep your kids safe from electric shocks. You can charge and run 3 USB-powered electronic and electrical devices simultaneously.  

Havells Four-Way Extension Board

Havells presents its highly durable extension board known for robustness and superior protection attributes. The design is simple and durable, providing a charging facility to all devices that have rated 6 Ampere. You can power four devices simultaneously as there are four universal sockets. One switch and an LED indicator make the working simple. All your devices are protected from electrical surges because there are in-built surge protectors. Also, enough space has been provided between the sockets so that huge-sized plugs can fit with ease. You can also mount the board on the wall or a table.

Portronics POR-671 

The Portronics extension board can easily connect three devices of 5A rating at the same time – devices like laptops, speakers, desktops, TV, and sound systems. The body has been made from durable and fire-resistant materials. The cord length is around 1.8 meters. The charging interfaces have been designed intelligently with spike busters and surge protection circuits. It has a  neon-lighted power button that is good for visual alerts. Each individual plug has been tested to withstand 1600+ plug insertions. 

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