Best harmoniums for beginners

Best harmoniums for beginners

Whether you are trying to get a better grip over your mantra practice or are interested in the nitty-gritty of musical notes, a harmonium is the best musical instrument to start with. If you are a beginner and want to learn the harmonium, you need to get yourself a harmonium that matches a learner’s ability. This is because if you end up with an advanced variant, chances are your learning curve would be sluggish. Hence, go for only those models that come with at least two reeds and are portable and easy to handle. Here are a few good options of harmoniums on Amazon that would be ideal for beginners.  

PAL MUSIC HOUSE ® Harmonium 

The PAL MUSIC HOUSE ® Harmonium comes in a lacquer finish that gives the instrument a resilient glossy look. Featuring a total of 39 keys, 7 stops, and 2 reeds, this harmonium has been tuned to give the perfect A-440 pitch, which makes it ideal for musicians around the globe. It has been crafted from high-quality wood that doesn’t only make the PAL MUSIC HOUSE ® Harmonium durable but also sturdy. Its wood supplements the sound quality, making its musical notes sound more resonant and sharper. It comes with a jaali frame on the keys along with a lockable keyboard cover. In addition to these features, the PAL MUSIC HOUSE ® Harmonium is also easy to tune and carry, making it the perfect beginner’s instrument!      

Xoz Total Wood Harmonium      

The Xoz Total Wood Harmonium can completely fold into a suitcase shape. This translates to optimal portability and convenient handling! This harmonium comes equipped with 9 stoppers, 42 keys, and 2 reeds, allowing you to produce the finest classical music. Its sound quality gives a concert-like experience, owing to its ergonomic build and fine-tuned mechanism. Moreover, since the Xoz Total Wood Harmonium is made of premium-quality wood, you can expect the instrument’s sound to give a fabulous range of notes. It is also easy to pump, unlike other generic harmoniums that require a lot of effort. Since the instrument has been sound tested by experts, rest assured the Xoz Total Wood Harmonium would give a mesmerising sound experience! 

JAPS BIZ Harmonium 

The JAPS BIZ Harmonium has been designed with Indian dried wood that ensures the musical notes of the harmonium are perfect and sharp. It has a total of 39 keys that allows you to mix and match different pitches and achieve the perfect notes. This is supplemented with 2 reeds that equip the harmonium to achieve an acceptable reach. The JAPS BIZ Harmonium also has 7 stoppers, which enable you to play one or all sets of reeds at the same time. This is made possible because it gives you complete control over how much volume of air goes into the instrument. Some of its other notable features are that it comes with a mahogany texture and a carry bag.        

Salablez Chudidaar Harmonium 

The Salablez Chudidaar Harmonium features 9 stoppers, 7 bellows, and 42 keys, along with a coupler. The coupler can connect one key with its higher or lower corresponding key, enabling you to play two octaves of the same note at the same time. Having been tested for the standard A-440 pitch, the Salablez Chudidaar Harmonium can suit all of your musical needs. In terms of design, the harmonium boasts a lacquer finish that gives the instrument an elegant look. Producing a rich sound full of resonance and bass, the Salablez Chudidaar Harmonium is good for beginners who are just starting.     

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