Acer Aspire PREDATOR ready for prime time gaming

By Team Digit | Published on 23 May 2008
Acer Aspire PREDATOR ready for prime time gaming

Acer, the vendor in the global PC market has always maintained a dedicated approach toward research into the many fields of application of the PC, with a view to understanding the latest trends, capturing the expectations of users, forecasting future needs and designing the goods that best meet these requirements.
One of the areas where Acer has maintained strong interest is digital games. This sector includes perhaps the most knowledgeable users of all electronic technology currently available. These are users who perfectly understand their own powerful computers, and can upgrade them alone using the latest add-on accessories and parts.
Two words that define the new Acer Aspire PREDATOR are “immediacy” and “performance.” The PREDATOR is ready to play the most demanding games straight out the box. Different configurations and the absolute latest technology ensure blistering performance at every level.
Optimized configurations in the PREDATOR series will catch your attention immediately: they have each been specially designed to offer that latest available technology. The exciting and aggressive PREDATOR design appeals immediately to even the most demanding gamer whilst they may be assured that the technology used and all peripherals are completely original and fully tested.

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