25L Storage water heaters for a large family

25L Storage water heaters for a large family

Having the right water heater in your home is important. Without one in place, you will have to heat water manually – maybe on a stove or other inefficient sources – every time you need it. Additionally, having one in your home means you can connect it to your plumbing and get hot water directly from your taps and showers. When you pick one, choose the right storage capacity for your household to reduce waiting times and increase efficiency. For a medium to a large family, a 25L storage water heater should be a safe choice. Here are some good options available on Amazon shortlisted on the basis of their features and specifications.

V-Guard Calino

The Calino from V-Guard comes with a control knob up-front that makes it easy to adjust its heating performance. It also assures great energy savings with its 5-Star BEE rating. The anti-scalant feature makes it more durable against hard water, effectively increasing its lifespan. The two LED indicators above the temperature knob convey the heating and power status. The temperature can be adjusted between 35 to 75 degrees celsius, which ensures that you can get water at just the right temperature any time of the year. To deliver a safe experience, it comes with a Reset Type Snap Action Thermostat which ensures that the temperature does not cross safe limits.

Venus Magma Plus

The tank on the Venus Magma Plus water heater is manufactured with Porcelain Enamel Glass lining, which aims to make it highly resistant to rust and corrosion. It uses Glass-lined Double Ceramic Heating Elements which ensures shock-proof, hard water-resistant, long-lasting performance. As the model can work with up to eight bars of pressure, it is suitable for multi-storeyed buildings and pressure pumps as well. The model has been designed with 3cm extra-thick PUF insulation which helps keep the water inside hot for longer. This helps you save on reheating costs over time. It features a Capillary Thermal Cutout safety device which stops the power if the device reaches 90 degrees celsius.

Bajaj Caldia

In case you're worried about accidental overheating, the Bajaj Caldia comes with a safety feature to prevent just that. The heater, despite its high capacity, promises a sleek and compact build that aims to fit into any corner of your bathroom inconspicuously. ABS material is used on the outside which also assures that it is shockproof and rust-resistant. On the inside, there's a Glassline Tank that is designed to be corrosion resistant and durable. The high capacity would lose its efficiency without proper insulation, which is why the Bajaj Caldia comes with PUF insulation in its design.


To ensure maximum safety, the AO Smith SDS-Green series water heater comes with multiple safety forward features. For example, the thermal cutoff feature can stop the power supply if the water temperature exceeds the preset limit. Additionally, there's a safety valve to release the pressure when it surpasses the tolerance of the heater, which helps avoid any damage to the heater. The adjustable temperature control knob on the design also promises to make it easy for you to set the water temperature at the desired level for maximum comfort, with a wide range between 25-degree and 75-degree celsius.

Havells Adonia Storage R 25 Liter Water Heater

The Havells Adonia water heater has been designed with a temperature-sensitive LED array on the front. The LEDs change color at four different temperature thresholds, giving you a visual indication of how hot the water is. The model comes with a feather-touch panel, but you can skip the touch controls altogether and use the included remote control to set the temperature from a distance. A specially designed shock-safe plug promises to shut the system off if there is an electricity leakage. The model has Feroglas Technology with Single Weld Line, which makes it highly resistant to corrosion.

Orient Electric Enamour Plus 25-Liter Vertical Storage Water Heater

The 5 Star BEE rating, further enhanced by the Eco Mode helps the Orient Electric Enamor Plus heater save on heating costs. The titanium enamel coated tank and glass line coated heating element improve the heater's durability against corrosion, while also keeping the water hot for longer. The anti-bacterial design of the tank ensures that your water is hot as well as safe. The magnesium rod protects the tank from scaling deposits over the years. The Enamour Plus also uses the patented "Whirl Flow" technology, which aims to deliver 20 per cent more hot water with the same power use.

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