Sony teases PS4 console design ahead of Xbox 720 unveiling

By Sameer Mitha | Updated 21 May 2013
Sony teases PS4 console design ahead of Xbox 720 unveiling
  • Sony has released a teaser, which showcases the hardware design of the PS4. This reveal comes just before the Microsoft's announcement of the next Xbox.

Sony is trying to steal a bit of Microsoft’s thunder by showcasing a teaser video of the hardware design of the PS4. The teaser trailer was released a day before the announcement of the next-gen Xbox.


The video showcases a blurry PS4 console. The look of the PS4 console is something we were waiting to see at the Sony February PS4 event but unfortunately the company didn't reveal it. What the event showcased was a bunch of game demos, the potential of the hardware, a new controller design and some online features.

The teaser trailer ends with June 10 being the grand unveiling of the console, which is the date for Sony’s E3 press conference. Hopefully we will get some concrete details about the price and its availability as well.

The reveal of the next Xbox is in a few hours. You can catch the live webcast of the event here. There are a lot of rumours about the next Xbox such as a sleeker console design, redesigned Kinect, always-on internet connection to play games, a Blu-ray drive, compulsory installation and more. All these rumours will hopefully be put to rest once the event kicks off later tonight.

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