Rocksmith 2014 to be a 'fully responsive personal [guitar] teacher'

By Abhinav Mishra | Updated 5 Aug 2013
Rocksmith 2014 to be a 'fully responsive personal [guitar] teacher'
  • Ubisoft in a blog post announced that Rocksmith 2014 promises to be a fully responsive personal teacher, including high-res videos with multiple camera angles and triple the amount of lessons than its predecessor.

A blog post on Ubiblog announced this week that Ubisoft San Francisco would want the latest title in their Rocksmith franchise - Rocksmith 2014 - to be a " fully responsive personal teacher".


“In the original Rocksmith, lessons used to identify mistakes, however did not offer a solution for each player's unique mistake," senior community developer Michael Madavi wrote. Rocksmith 2014 will explain in detail what went wrong.

"In Rocksmith 2014, Lessons will be much, much more dynamic and responsive: Now we're not just telling you that you made a mistake; we'll tell you what the mistake is and how you should adjust to correct it," he wrote. "Trying to learn how to bend but not moving your note high enough? Rocksmith 2014 will let you know. Sliding one fret back from where you need to hit? Rocksmith will tell you specifically that's what went wrong. Beyond that, if Rocksmith senses that you're having trouble with a particular technique, it will pull you out of the interactive portion of the lesson and give you further instructions — this time with additional camera angles and tips."

The update clearly states that Rocksmith 2014 will offer much more than the original game, covering basics like tuning a guitar to advanced playing techniques.

Ubisoft and Alice in Chains’ frontman Jerry Cantrell had announced Rocksmith 2014 during this year’s E3 held in Los Angeles.


Rocksmith 2014 is slated for a release this October for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC this October. The game's soundtrack will feature tracks by Jack White, Bob Dylan, Alice in Chains with more artists to be revealed very soon. If you pre-order the game, it will include The Smashing Pumpkins song, Cherub Rock, as a bonus track.

Source: Joystiq and Polygon



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