PUBG Mobile hits 100 million monthly active users, rolls out Season 7 and Gameplay Management with version 0.12.5

By Shubham Sharma | Updated 17 May 2019
PUBG Mobile hits 100 million monthly active users, rolls out Season 7 and Gameplay Management with version 0.12.5
  • PUBG Mobile now has over 100 million active monthly users.
  • The title has also been updated to version 0.12.5 and Season 7 is now rolled out.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most famous battle royale games available right now. The game took mobile gamers everywhere by storm and in a span of just eight months quickly amassed 30 million daily active users. The game’s developer Tencent has now announced that PUBG Mobile has surpassed 100 million monthly active users and last we heard, its competitor Fortnite had about 78.3 million people logging in every month. However, the Fortnite stat was back from September last year and it would’ve grown in numbers since then. The announcement comes when the version 0.12.5 of the game is rolling out. 


The new update marks the end of Season 6 of the game and Season 7 begins on May 17. The version 0.12.5 update brings new Season  7 Royale Pass that adds new EZ Mission License, which offers exclusive discounts and enables players to open crates immediately. There are also new exclusive outfits, emotes, and additional rewards for players. A new single-fire and semi-automatic machine pistol called Skorpion will now be available in the game in all maps. The weapon uses 9mm rounds and features five attachment slots. Player avatar will be more customisable with three new parachutes, clothing, airplane skins and more options. A new Middle East server is also available for reducing lag for the region and more servers are slated to be added soon. 

There will also be some gameplay improvements like subscription adjustments, a new BP category tab for the shop, tuned audio and more. With the new update, PUBG Mobile is also bringing a new “Gameplay Management” system to the title, which is aimed at delivering a “a better gaming environment.” The new feature will require players to confirm their age when they login for the first time and players under the age of 18 need to acknowledge a gaming advisory before continuing to the game. A pop-up notification will also be displayed to remind players to take a break. The feature is currently being deployed in certain areas, including Indonesia, India, Nepal, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. The new system will be deployed in other markets in a phased manner.

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