Microsoft unveils Iron Man Special Edition for Xbox One console

By Nithya Palaniyappan | Updated 29 Apr 2016
Microsoft unveils Iron Man Special Edition for Xbox One console
  • To celebrate the launch of the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ movie, Microsoft has unveiled a new Iron Man Special Edition console

Microsoft is expected to launch an upgraded version of the Xbox One in June, but meanwhile, it is creating special editions of its existing console. Previously, it had offered us Halo- and Call of Duty-themed Xbox One consoles, and now, the Iron Man-themed Xbox One console is Microsoft’s latest. 


This special edition console is clad in white, with a customised top plate. The centre has an arc reactor that lights up, and the controller also has a smaller arc reactor on it that functions as the power button. Microsoft has stated that Tony Stark, the Iron Man himself, designed the console.

Unfortunately, this edition is not likely to go on sale, and Microsoft France is giving away only three such consoles via the company’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Watch this video demonstrating this uber cool console: 

Nithya Palaniyappan

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