Best guns in PUBG Mobile to help you win that Chicken Dinner

Best guns in PUBG Mobile to help you win that Chicken Dinner

Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Submachine Guns, Shotguns and Pistols - Here’s all you need to know about how to select the best gun from the lot in PUBG Mobile.

Shubham Sharma  | Published 22 Nov 2018 20:21 IST

Saying that PlayerUnknown’s Battleground for mobile phones, or better known as PUBG mobile, is a famous game will be a gross understatement. Over 20 million players globally slug it out in the game everyday to get a piece of that Chicken Dinner. Some of these players make it to the top ranks with their sharp skills and smooth moves. However, alongside skills, choosing the right loadout while playing PUBG is crucial as all weapons have varying damage rate, which increases or decreases based on the attachments you fit them with. Read on to find some of the best weapons and attachments you can pick up in PUBG Mobile to beat the competition. Do note that these weapons are ranked on the basis of their base damage and not ease of use. 

Top Three Assault Rifles And Their Attachments In PUBG Mobile

Groza: The Groza is the most powerful assault rifles in PUBG Mobile with a base damage factor of 49, but it can be found only in drop crates. It uses 7.62mm rounds and has a mag capacity of 30 bullets. If you find it in a drop crate or from some other player’s crate, better hold on to it. We suggest that along with a 4x scope, you pick a suppressor attachment for the rifle since it will add slight more stability while firing. 

Beryl M762: This rifle was added to the PUBG Mobile universe with the recent 0.9.5 update and fortunately, it’s not limited to the drop crate. It also uses 7.62mm rounds and is quite versatile when it comes to attachments. With base damage rate of 47, we suggest pairing it with a suppressor or a compensator and a 2x scope. 

AKM: The AKM utilises 7.62mm rounds and can be found easily on all the maps in PUBG Mobile. It dishes 49 damage per bullet and is good for beating an enemy in short to medium range. An extended quickdraw mag, a compensator and a 4x or 6x scope go well with the rifle. 

Best Attachments: All the three guns support an array of attachments and an extended quickdraw mag, a compensator or a suppressor, and a 2x or 4x scope goes well with the rifles. For the guns that Stock 

Top Three Sniper Rifles And Their Attachments In PUBG Mobile 

AWM: The  Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWM) is the most powerful weapon in PUBG Mobile. The sniper rifle is found only in crates and uses .300 ammo that rarely found on the map. With a massive base damage of 120, but it has a magazine capacity of merely 5 rounds. If you get this sniper rifle, be sure to pick up an 8x scope, an extended mag, a cheek pad and a suppressor for better sights, more rounds and added firing stability. 

M24: M24 is the second most powerful sniper rifle after AWM in the game. The M24 has a good stopping power with 88 damage and is also found in loot crates. Coupling it with a suppressor, an 8x scope, a cheek pad and a quick draw mag should give you a greater advantage over your opponent. 

Kar98k: The Karabiner 98 Kurz or the Kar98k is a single bolt action sniper rifle that has a hit damage of 75 and is relatively good at mid-range sniping. You can find it openly on the map. It’s good against opponents wearing level 1 and level 2 helmets but it has a slow reloading time. Pair this sniper with a suppressor, bullet loops, and an 8x scope, and you are good to go. 

Best Attachments: Since all of these sniper rifles have a bolt action mechanism and fire one round everytime the trigger is pulled, it is best to equip them with a suppressor. These rifles also have lower magazine capacity and thus an extended mag will be beneficial as well. An 8x scope is a must but a 6x scope works similarly well. Additionally, a cheek pad will give additional stability to your shots. 

Top Light Machine Guns And Their Attachments In PUBG Mobile 

There are only two Light Machine Guns (LMGs) in PUBG Mobile and both of them use different types of ammo. 

DP-28: With a damage of 51, the DP-28 is a powerful LMG that uses 7.62mm ammo type. It can be found freely on the map but it has a low rate of fire, which is compensated by a 47 bullet magazine. As this gun is more effective when used in short range, we suggest using either a 2x scope or a holographic sight with it. 

M249: The M249 strikes a good balance between power and manoeuvrability. However, it also supports only scope attachments and a 4x scope should be good enough. It has a hit damage of 45 and uses 5.56mm ammo. Do note that its single magazine can hold 100 bullets, which is more than enough for medium range combat. 

Best Attachments: Both the above-mentioned LMGs can only be equipped with a scope and since using them means compromising slightly on speed, we suggest that you use 4x or 2x scope with them in mid to short range combat.

Top Three Sub Machine Guns And Their Attachments In PUBG Mobile 

Tommy Gun: The classic Thompson submachine gun has a hit damage of 40 and is the best submachine gun in PUBG Mobile. However, it is quite challenging because of high recoil, slow reload time and no sight attachment support. The gun is much better when supplemented with an extended quickdraw mag, a suppressor and a vertical foregrip.

UMP9: The UMP9 strikes the best balance between power and ease of use from the three SMGs. It is the second most powerful weapon in its segment with a hit damage of 39 and one can attach an assortment of items to it. It uses 9mm ammo rounds and you can equip it with a Thumb Grip, extended quickdraw mag, Holographic or Red Dot sight and a compensator for enhanced performance. 

Vector: The Vector can be easily found freely on the map and even though it has a lower damage of 34, you can use a plethora of attachments to make it better in short range combat. The weapon uses .45 ACP ammunition that is hard-hitting and has a built-in recoil mitigation system. Use a Lightweight Grip, Quick Draw mag, Suppressor and a 2x scope with the gun for added effectiveness. 

Best Attachments: Commonly, all the three SMGs support an extended quickdraw mag and a suppressor. However, we think that grip can be chosen based on an individual’s preference and there’s not really need for a scope above 2x magnification. 

Top Three Shotguns And Their Attachments In PUBG Mobile 

There are only three shotguns in PUBG Mobile and we have ranked them here purely on the basis of their hit damage. Do note that shotguns are only good in very close combat. 

S686: The S686 is a double-barreled shotgun that has a hit damage of 24. Extremely effective in Close Quarter Battles (CQB), the gun is almost instant in firing two rounds and is best suited for use when clearing houses. It uses 12 Gauge rounds. It supports only two attachments and works best when paired with Bullet Loops and a Choke (SG) with to reduce the bullet spread and increase the reload speed. 

S1897: The S1897 is equally powerful as the S686 with a base hit damage of 24. However, its bullet spread is slightly higher and thus you will have to equip it with a Choke (SG) and Bullet Loops. The weapon also uses 12 Gauge rounds that can be easily found in houses. 

S12K: The S12K is slightly less powerful than the other two shotguns but it supports more attachments. It is a semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun with a hit damage level of 22. You can pair it with an Extended QuickDraw Mag, a Duckbill (SG), and a Red Dot Sight to enable faster reloads and a more horizontal bullet spread. 

Best Attachments: The attachments mentioned alongside the Shotguns should work best.

Top Three Pistols And Their Attachments In PUBG Mobile 

R45: The R45 uses a .45 Ammo and has a hit damage stat of 55. It is the best side-weapon to carry in-game and can only get one red dot sight attachment. However, it is best utilised in close combat.

R1895: The R1895 is also quite powerful as it has a damage stat of 55 and uses 7.62mm ammo. It is tougher to use than the R45 since its reload times are higher and the rate of fire is low. It only supports the suppressor attachment. 

P1911: With a hit damage of 41, the P1911 is less powerful than the above mentioned two handguns but is the most versatile with support for up to four attachments. It uses .45 ammo type and has a magazine size of 7 clips. An Extended Mag, a Suppressor and a Red Dot or a Laser Sight will be the best attachments for it.

Best Attachments: The attachments mentioned alongside the Pistols should work best.

We will make another similar article for Grenades, Melee weapons and other Miscellaneous items in PUBG Mobile. Do note that these stats have been compiled by users from all around the internet and may not be entirely accurate. 

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