Samsung Yepp YP-P3

Samsung Yepp YP-P3
Samsung brings you another YEPP (Young Energetic Passionate Personal) device, the new P3. It is a flash based PMP, available in 4, 8, and 16GB models.

The device has a 3 inch touch screen with what Samsung dubs EmoTure, short for Emotional Gesture. It recognizes tapping, flicking, dragging etc, however what makes it truly unique is its Hepatic Feedback system, which actually makes the device vibrate on each touch, giving another dimension to interaction. It has a sleek brushed aluminum body available in silver or black, with no protrusions on the sides, all interaction are via the touch screen.

The device has volume control and power buttons on the top, along with a mono speaker to listen to music without headphones. The charging cum connectivity port is on the bottom, along with the mic and headphone ports.

It features an improved customizable interface, laid out in pages which you can flip through. You can move icons and widgets on a page by dragging them, and can also move them to a new or different page. Adding and removing widgets is as simple as dragging and dropping them onto a tray on the bottom of the screen!

The media player also supports a wide array of formats, in audio it supports MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, AAC, and FLAC, and in video: WMV, H264, and MPEG. Additionally it also supports flash files, and JPEG, Bitmap, and PNG image files. In fact it can even display and read out text files.

In all it is a powerful competitor in the PMP market, with its unique user interface, and support for diverse media types.

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