Bluetooth headphones with long battery life

Bluetooth headphones with long battery life

When it comes to a Bluetooth device, be it a pair of headphones or a speaker, the first thing that you should evaluate is its battery life. This is because while you do get a hassle-free experience with wireless devices, the battery surely can be a worrying thing as it can become a major issue especially when you are travelling or commuting. In fact, running out of juice right when you’re trying to watch something is the last thing you’d want. The best and most simple solution to this is to look for a pair of Bluetooth headphones that come with long battery life (at least 20 hours or more). If you have been thinking of getting a pair for yourself, have a look at these four headphones that are available on Amazon that come with long battery life. 

Sennheiser HD 4.40-BT Bluetooth Headphones (Black)

Sennheiser has launched an affordable pair of wireless headphones with a battery life of 25 hours, according to the brand’s claims. This should allow you to use it at length even during your travels without charging it more than once during the same day. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX technologies to ensure that you get immersive sounds with next to no loss of information due to the wireless connection. The intuitive touch-responsive controls on the earcup allow you to manage your calls and music with ease. Apart from Bluetooth, it also comes with NFC to further simplify the pairing. If you want an experience that cuts your reliability on the battery, you’ll be pleased to know that it also comes with a 1.4m detachable cable with a 3.5mm jack. This pair of headphones comes with a case as well, making it easier for you to carry around.  

Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless

Here is a pair of premium headphones from Sony that comes with a large battery life of 30 hours on one single charge (according to the brand), which makes it a reliable device to carry around during your travels. Sony promises that a 10-minute charge gives you 5 hours of playback time as the headphone also comes with Fast Charging. The ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) technology helps you get a virtually soundproof experience. You can activate the built-in Alexa with a simple touch to listen to your favourite music and gain instant access to any information while travelling. A really cool feature of this pair of headphones is that you can instantly lower the volume to the minimum by covering the right earcup with your hand, so you don’t have to pause the music or take them off while participating in conversations. 

Bose Noise Cancellation Headphone, Black

Bose is considered one of the industry leaders when it comes to audio devices. This pair of headphones offers 20 hours of battery life, making it great for those who love going on long treks. It comes with noise cancellation features with 11 different noise cancellation modes, so you minimise and control distractions around you or let ambient noises in if you’re travelling and don’t want to completely cut yourself off from your surroundings. You do not need to take your phone out of the pocket to answer calls as the headphones deliver absolute clarity thanks to the four-microphone system. With a Bluetooth range of more than 30ft, you should be able to move around freely while still connected to the headphones.

JBL E55BT Signature Sound Wireless Over-Ear Headphones with Mic (Black)

JBL has come up with an affordable pair of wireless over-ear headphones with a long-lasting battery life of close to 20 hours under optimal sound settings, according to the brand. It comes with the patented JBL Signature Sound technology, which should give you immersive listening experience. Additionally, it comes with a multi-point connection system to help you connect to two devices at the same time. You can easily switch between the devices with the use of a tactile button. What makes it great for extended use (apart from the long battery life, of course) is the fact that it has an ergonomic design that should ensure comfort at all times.  


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