Best Soundbars with DTS Virtual: X support

Best Soundbars with DTS Virtual: X support

Whether you’re someone who’s always glued to the television, watching great movies or shows, or are someone who loves to play video games, you need a decent home theatre system to enhance your experience. Soundbars are the new kid on the block as far as trendy audio devices are concerned, as most of them support voice assistants, can be controlled easily, and look really cool. What’s more, many of these devices come equipped with DTS Virtual: X support, which should ensure a 3D surround sound effect no matter what you are watching. So, it makes a ton of sense to get your hands on a great soundbar to improve your movie-watching experience. Here are a few good soundbars that have DTS Virtual: X support.

Yamaha Audio YAS-209

The Yamaha Audio YAS-209 is a good option for cinephiles as it doesn’t just have DTS Virtual: X support, but also supports 4K video, which means that you should be able to enjoy a good visual experience too. The soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer that you can place anywhere in the room to enhance that surround sound effect. With a 200 W power output, this soundbar should be able to offer you a decent sound range. The speakers also have a setting called Clear Voice which should ensure that vocals are enhanced, making sure you don’t miss out on any crucial dialogues. Finally, the Yamaha Audio YAS-209 also has built-in Alexa to help you control your smart devices with ease.

LG SL10YG Sound Bar

The LG SL10YG Sound Bar combines Meridian’s sound processing technology with Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual: X support to deliver a good sound range. With a 570W output, the brand claims that this soundbar can offer dimensional sound, ensuring that your viewing experience is immersive. With the High-Resolution Audio feature, this soundbar should be able to deliver 192kHz sampling rates and 24-bit depth, impacting the quality of sound significantly. The LG SL10YG soundbar is also equipped with Google Assistant to help control your smart devices or check on the weather before you leave your home. Additionally, this soundbar also supports 4K video and should help you transform your TV into a high-res one.

Sony HT-X8500

The Sony HT-X8500 employs the brand’s Vertical Sound Engine along with Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual: X support to deliver high-quality sounds. Here’s a feature to make note of – the soundbar has a built-in subwoofer, and people planning to use this in a small room, or a living room with a minimalist design aesthetic won’t have to worry about finding a suitable spot for a subwoofer. The soundbar supports Bluetooth connectivity so you can pair your smartphone with it and use it to play music anytime you like. It can also connect with your Smart TV wirelessly if the device supports Bluetooth connection. The soundbar also has a few distinct modes that align with varying needs, such as the game mode, sports mode and news mode. As it has HDMI outputs, you can even connect your gaming console to it to enjoy a great sound experience.

Yamaha YAS-109

The Yamaha YAS-109 has built-in Alexa to help you not only control the soundbar itself with your voice but also all your other Smart devices while sitting in one place. With a 120W sound output, you can expect a decent sound range too. This soundbar supports Bluetooth connectivity so you can pair your laptop or smartphone to enhance your audio experience while watching content on the same. The soundbar also has a built-in subwoofer so you don’t have to worry about placing an additional device in your home just to enjoy a good audio experience. Finally, do keep in mind that this soundbar comes with a feature called Clear Voice that enhances dialogues to make sure you don’t miss a single word.

Kajoli Anand Puri

Kajoli Anand Puri

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