10W Bluetooth Speakers for sufficiently loud audio indoors

10W Bluetooth Speakers for sufficiently loud audio indoors

Gone are the good old days when portable music meant lugging a boombox on your shoulder! Today, they have been replaced with much smaller but equally effective, Bluetooth speakers. If you are a music aficionado and want your entire room to be immersed in sound without compromising quality, a Bluetooth speaker would be the ideal match for you. If you are on the lookout for a BT speaker, make sure it offers at least 10 Watts of power, as this is what would determine how much louder the speaker gets. Moreover, make it a point to shortlist only those variants that offer a long-lasting battery backup so that you enjoy your music for hours without any interruption. Following are a few good options of 10 Watts Bluetooth speakers on Amazon. 

Clavier Supersonic Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

The Clavier Supersonic Portable Bluetooth Speaker features full-range drivers and passive radiators, which help provide an enriched sound experience. With its 360° surround technology, the speaker’s sound provides an immersive sound experience. Powered by the latest Bluetooth v5.0 technology, it provides seamless connectivity up to 33-feet, allowing you to place the speaker anywhere in the house. It can play up to 8-10 hours of music on a single charge, thanks to its built-in lithium-ion 2400 mAh battery. Some of its other notable features are a portable retro design and easy media control.      

Blaupunkt BT52 10 W Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

The Blaupunkt BT52 10 W Portable Bluetooth Speaker works on dual passive radiators that not only help enhance the volume of the sound but also improve its quality. It features a built-in microphone that enables you to pick up calls effortlessly, and due to the high sensitivity of its mic, it can pick up your voice with greater clarity. It functions on Bluetooth v4.2. With its compact and lightweight design, the Blaupunkt BT52 speaker has redefined portability, enabling you to carry it wherever you go. It is also durable, owing to its solid and tough build that is further enhanced with its mesh-like material that adds to its rugged look.     

boAt Stone 650 10W Bluetooth Speaker 

The boAt Stone 650 10W Bluetooth Speaker sources its power from its robust 1200 mAh battery, which gives the BT speaker enough juice to run for up to seven hours uninterruptedly on a single charge. It uses Bluetooth v4.2 technology that enables the speaker to have a reach of up to ten metres. This means you could operate the device easily from any corner of the room. It also features an integrated multifunction control through which you could seamlessly control the volume and playback of the speaker. Moreover, it can take its audio input from both AUX and SD card, allowing you to listen to the songs that are stored on your devices. You could even take the speaker to your shower and jam to your playlist, thanks to its water-resistant standard of IPX6. The BT speaker is dust and shock-resistant and comes in a rugged design, making it perfect for carrying to different places.      

UBON SP-70 Cool Bass Bluetooth Speaker 

The UBON SP-70 Cool Bass Bluetooth Speaker comes equipped with high-quality amplifiers that enable the speaker to disperse premium quality sound. It has a 2400 mAh lithium-ion battery that allows you to have a playback time of up to 6 hours on a single charge. The BT speaker comes with exceptional stereo surround sound and extra bass with a high treble for a decent theatre sound experience. It also allows hassle-free calling, thanks to its built-in microphone. With a built-in TF card and USB reader, the speaker will enable you to play music directly from the flash drive. It is not only lightweight, but it is also easy to operate and control. Apart from these, some of its other prominent features are its Bluetooth v5.0 technology and stellar durability.     

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