Twitter is testing new "Subscribe to conversation" feature

By Vignesh Giridharan | Updated 16 Mar 2019
Twitter is testing new "Subscribe to conversation" feature
  • You won't have to like or comment on a tweet just to follow it anymore.


  • Tweets suggest Twitter is working on a new feature for the mobile app
  • It's called "Subscribe to conversation"
  • It will let users stay notified about tweets without having to like or comment on them



Twitter has been making quite a number of changes to its popular mobile microblogging app in the past few weeks. Only this week it released a new update that made capturing and sharing photos and videos easier than before. Now, however, we’re seeing tweets that talk about a new unreleased feature called “Subscribe to conversation”. This option lets you stay notified about tweets you’re interested in—or follow them, basically—without having to like or comment on them.

News about Twitter’s new feature comes to us from Software Developer Jane Manchum Wong, who remarked on Twitter yesterday, “Twitter is testing ‘Subscribe to conversation’ so you can get notified over a conversation without liking or replying” with a screenshot of the new button. The button’s tooltip in the image reads “Subscribe to conversation”.

Though Twitter has yet to say anything about the new feature officially, the Twitter Communications team responded to Wong’s tweet by writing, “This is part of our work to make Twitter more conversational”. Even if Twitter hasn’t announced the feature or its release date, we reckon it will roll out to Android and iOS devices soon enough. It’s bound to help those who want to stay on top of an interesting conversation on Twitter.


Twitter could also be testing the feature on its new beta app called “twttr”. Downloadable only on iOS through an invite, twttr is designed to make tweets “easier to read, understand, and join conversations”. The new twttr app will supposedly come with colour-coded replies in new conversations to let the user distinguish between the users they follow and the users they don’t.


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