Now, you can post larger 1080px images on Instagram

By Souvik Das | Updated 7 Jul 2015
Now, you can post larger 1080px images on Instagram
  • Instagram rolls out image resolution upgrade for iOS and Android devices from 640x640 pixels to 1080x1080 pixels

Instagram has finally rolled out a much-desired image resolution upgrade for iOS and Android users. After almost five years of the social photo sharing platform, this upgrade comes as a much-desired one, with the previous resolution of 640x640 pixels being rather small.


Smartphones have moved on from 2010 to provide almost-professional photo quality. As a result, photographs taken on smartphones now have a much bigger resolution than what it was five years ago. Photos, thus, needed to be cropped down to a resolution of 640x640 pixels before being posted on Instagram - something that many users were not fond of.

With this upgrade, Instagram will allow photos to be posted with 1080x1080 pixels resolution. Photos will now appear crisper and will avoid large chunks of it being cropped out. A large number of users had been hoping for an image resolution upgrade in the recent past. Instagram’s co-founder Mike Krieger tweeted yesterday that images will look “a bit sharper” from today, stating the upgrade along with higher quality viewing to be added to Instagram.

Instagram has also stated that this upgrade will be made from the server side, and there will be no need of an app update to post larger images. The upgrades have been rolling out for a week, and most users should be able to see it already, or soon enough.

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