Google now lets you unsend emails in Gmail Android app

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 22 Aug 2018
Google now lets you unsend emails in Gmail Android app
  • Just like on the web, users of the Gmail app on Android will now get a time frame of a few seconds to unsend a wrongly sent email.

Google has been rejigging its Gmail app for all the platforms, the Web, Android and iOS. In the past, it has rolled out the Material Theme design for Gmail for Web (and teased it for Android), gave an option to schedule emails, released a smart compose feature and most importantly, gave users the ability to undo a sent email. Until now, the feature was restricted to the Web, but it seems that the Gmail app update 8.7 will empower users to undo a sent message on Android as well.


The feature works in a similar fashion as it works on the Web. If and when a user sends an email to the wrong person, he or she can undo the action within a few seconds after sending the mail. When you are in the process of sending a message, you will see a notification at the bottom of the screen that says “Sending…” on the left corner and “Cancel” on the opposite corner. When the message is sent to the receiver and you realise that you sent a wrong email or sent it to the wrong person, you will have a few seconds to undo the action.

After the message sends, you will see the notification at the bottom of the screen that now “Sent” on the left corner and “Undo” on the right side. This notification will stay on screen for a few seconds and if you hit “Undo” it will pull the message out of the recipient’s inbox and return you to the draft page. But even if you have updated the app, you may not be able to do it. When we tried it, we couldn’t see an option to unsend emails. Folks at Android Authority gave a solution to this. They suggested that this is a server-side update and to get the feature, you need to “Force Stop” the app and then re-open it. That should do the trick, and it did for us.

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