Google Maps with new augmented reality directions will make walking with maps a lot more fun

By Sameer Mitha | Updated 9 May 2018
Google Maps with new augmented reality directions will make walking with maps a lot more fun
  • Google has introduced a bunch of new features in Google Maps including augmented reality directions, personalised recommendations, the ability to share multiple places with friends and more.

Google I/O is underway and the Silicon Valley tech giant has made a bunch of announcements. One of the most interesting announcements relates to Google Maps. Google’s navigation service is about to get very interactive and fun to use with the upcoming features. The new Google Maps will give users augmented reality turn-by-turn directions, personalized recommendations, the ability to share places with friends and more. 


AR Directions

If you are one that doesn’t like looking at a boring map while walking in a new city, then welcome to the club. It looks like Google is also of the same opinion and has announced AR directions for Google Maps. The new AR feature combines Google’s Street View and Maps data. It overlays the data on your phones live feed. This helps you figure out which way you need to go. It reminds us a lot of what navigating using Google Glass could have been. Another nice touch to AR directions is AR animals that can guide you on where you need to go. It’s a small nice touch to have a furry companion on your journey in a new city. 

Identify nearby places

Building upon the AR capabilities of Google Maps, the app will also be able to identify nearby places and give you information about them without you having to leave the comfort of your navigation. This is really nice, as you will get information about popular landmarks and check them out without leaving the comfort of the Google Maps app.

For You

For You in Google Maps will feature recommendations that have been tailored for you. So if you like Pizza, the app will recommend a Pizza place that you are close to. If you dislike Pizza, then the recommendation will not appear on the app for you. This will be applicable to a user based on his preferences, reviews and more. 


Sharing with Friends

Making Maps more social, Google is adding the ability to share multiple places to friends from the comfort of the maps app. Friends can vote in real time to decide which place they would like to go to without leaving the comfort of the Maps app. 

The social and recommendations features will launch this summer for Google maps on iOS and Android. There is no information available about a launch date for the AR features. It also isn’t clear when the features will make their way to India. 


In the past Google Maps has added a bunch of interesting features such as “Two Wheeler mode” and “Wheelchair accessibility” to the maps app.

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