Google Lens now rolling out for iOS devices

By Shubham Sharma | Updated 17 Mar 2018
Google Lens now rolling out for iOS devices
  • Lens is now available from within version 3.15 of the Google Photos app. The feature was recently rolled out for all Android smartphones after being exclusive to Pixel smartphones.

The Android exclusive feature, Google Lens, is now being rolled out for iOS devices as well. Google announced that the Lens visual search option is now being seeded to the Photos app for all iOS devices over the week. Users can access the feature by selecting any image within the Photos app and tapping on the Google Lens icon. It will scan and extract information depending upon the image. For example, if Lens is used on an image of a business card, it will save the contact info and events on the phone automatically. 


The company also said that the Lens’ activity is saved to the users Google account in case the web and app activity setting is switched on. The latest version 3.15 of the Google Photos app is receiving the Lens update. 

The Google Lens feature was initially available exclusively on Pixel smartphones and was later rolled out for all Android users, within the Photos app. On Pixel devices, users could bring up the Google assistant and tap on the bottom right corner for booting up the visual search option. Lens can scan and recognise a variety of objects like books, movies, text, landmarks, art, and barcodes. It can also scan the password at the rear of a Wi-Fi router to let users connect to it.  

Other features of Google Lens include recognising famous landmarks and OCR (Optical Character Recognition), for extracting information from business cards and text in images. Google is also working on improving and updating the feature for recognising common animals and plants.

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