Google Apps Referral Program launched in India

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 28 Jan 2015
Google Apps Referral Program launched in India
  • By joining the Google Apps Referral Program, you can earn $7.50 for every user who signs up based on your recommendation.

Google has launched a new Google Apps Referral Program in India. The referral program makes it easy to share Google Apps with your network and show them how they too can use these tools at work. You can earn $7.50 for each new user who signs up to Google apps such as Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive based on your recommendation.


The Google Apps Referral Program is currently available for anyone based in India.

“When we discover something amazing – whether it’s a new local coffee shop or a tool that improves the way we work – we want to share it with people we know so they can also benefit. Many of the millions of Google Apps customers around the world learned about tools like Hangouts, Drive and Gmail for business from their customers, friends and networks,” says Google in a release.

Google had launched the initiative in the US and Canada last year. The referral program allowed a $15 bonus for each new user that signs up.

To sign up, you need to enter your name and email address, and a bank account to receive direct deposits. For referral, you receive a unique referral link after registering for the program. Start with email and website templates that Google provides. You get rewarded when customers sign up using your unique referral link.

The fine print says:

You can refer an unlimited number of customers.
You’re rewarded for each referral customer’s first 100 users. A user is an individual account belonging to the customer domain.
Your referral amount will be based on the number of users who have paid for at least 120 days.


Find out more details about the program here.

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