Google Chrome can now pre-download articles for when there is no internet connectivity

By Shubham Sharma | Updated 21 Jun 2018
Google Chrome can now pre-download articles for when there is no internet connectivity
  • The browser will now pre-fetch and download articles for the user while on an unmetered Wi-Fi connection. These saved articles can be accessed later when there is no internet connectivity.

Chrome is one of the best browsers available on Android right now, with the download numbers and reviews on the Play Store suggesting the same. Now, Google is adding a new web accessibility functionality, which is tailored for the Next Billion Users and enables one to download, surf the internet even when there is no connectivity. When the user is connected to an unmetered Wi-Fi connection, Chrome will automatically download relevant articles going by the most popular content in the user’s location. If the user has signed into Chrome, articles made offline will be based on their browsing history. 


The downloaded content will be available for access, even when the user is offline. Alongside India, the new feature is being rolled out for users in more than 100 countries and it should be noted that the new feature is available with the latest version of Chrome on Android. The new feature will be helpful for users who have limited data to spend or suffer from intermittent network connectivity. Chrome already has the Data Saver option that helps users save data while using mobile network connectivity.

Additionally, Google announced some new features for its Datally app that helps users to manage their data expenditure. The app has now received four new features called Daily Limit, Guest Mode, Unused Apps and Wi-Fi Map that enable finer control over data expenditure. The Guest Mode allows users to allocate a set amount of data before handing over your device to someone else, while the Daily Limit option limits excessive data consumption by putting a limit on how much data the user can use in a day. When the user exceeds a set limit, a warning will be shown and they can choose to block data for the rest of the day or keep going. You can learn more about the app and its new features here.

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