Amazon may be working on its own messaging app called Anytime

By Shrey Pacheco | Updated 17 Jul 2017
Amazon may be working on its own messaging app called Anytime
  • The app is said to have a focus on messaging, voice and video calls, with other features like photo sharing, music listening, and food ordering within groups.

It seems like Amazon may be planning to release its own messaging app. According to a report by AFTVNews, the online retail company is working on a standalone messaging app called ‘Anytime’, and it has started surveying customers to learn which features are most important to users. The report notes that while it is unclear how far the app has come in terms of development, a customer has told the website that the survey implied that it was a ready product. 


The website has also posted images, which suggest that Anytime might have a focus on messaging, with voice and video calling. There are mentions of photo sharing and video chats within groups with the option to ‘@mention’ other users. There are suggestions that the service may offer filters for photos and videos. Users may be able to play games, listen to music and order food in groups. Further, the images hint that the service will keep chats private and secure, and encrypt important messages like bank account details. Anytime is also said to connect users to their friends just with their name and without the need for phone numbers. It isn’t clear how Amazon plans to accomplish this, but it is speculated that it might sync with existing social media or messaging apps. It is noted that the service would be available on desktop, iPhone and Android. It is not yet known if or when the service would be launched, and if it would make its way to India. 

If Amazon does launch its own messaging platform, it would have to compete with a bunch of already established services. Facebook already offers two messaging services in the form of Messenger and WhatsApp, While Google offers its Allo and Duo apps. Allo also comes with a unique feature in the form of Google's AI-based assistant built in.

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