After Snapchat, is Facebook taking on Tinder now?

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 8 Sept 2017
After Snapchat, is Facebook taking on Tinder now?
  • Facebook has reportedly introduced a feature that matches users with each other on their Messenger platform.

Facebook is reportedly testing a feature on its Messenger platform, that connects users to meet up. First spotted by Motherboard, the feature shows you pictures of friends and asks you whether you want to meet up. The publication reported that your answer is private unless the other person also says yes to meeting up. A Facebook spokesperson later confirmed to Motherboard that the company is indeed testing such a feature.


As Motherboard points out, the similarities with dating apps like Tinder are inescapable here. The primary difference though is that Facebook isn’t showing you strangers, instead connecting people in your friend list to each other. That probably gives you a better shot at dating than you had on Tinder.

On the other hand, it’s unclear how Facebook matches people. The report says it gives you notifications informing you that some of your friends may be looking to meet up. How are these friends chosen? The feature is currently being tested amongst users in Toronto (Canada) and New Zealand. Facebook hasn’t yet confirmed whether a wider rollout will happen over the coming months.

It won’t, however, be surprising if Facebook does bring the features to more users in different countries. The company has been known to emulate features from Snapchat in the past, and with its vast user-base, Tinder may indeed be in Facebook’s sights. Also, given Facebook’s recent experiments with AI, it’s likely that machine learning algorithms will come into play for this feature.

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