Here’s how TCL has left its mark on the TV Industry in India

By Sponsored | Published 24 Mar 2022 09:00 IST
Here’s how TCL has left its mark on the TV Industry in India

One of the leading consumer electronic brands across the globe, TCL entered the Indian market in the year 2017 with the aim to offer Indian customers with innovative products to make life more intelligent. In a span of less than four years, it has already become a household name, all thanks to its range of products featuring high-end specs and cutting-edge technology. Last year, TCL introduced the Mini LED technology to the Indian TV market by launching India’s first-ever Mini LED QLED 4K TV with IMAX Enhanced support. The brand also aims to achieve 4X growth in the coming years by selling more than a million units of its premium range of televisions. Marking its presence in more than 3000+ cities in India, TCL has over 720 service centers to offer the best in class services. 

‘Be the first’ strategy by TCL

Being the first to introduce products with cutting-edge technology in India showcases  TCL’s commitment to constant innovation. The brand, since its inception, has continued to innovate operations and impress customers with top-notch product offerings that come packed with stunning features at affordable prices.

First QLED Android TV with Harman Kardon Speaker

Audio is just as important as video when it comes to a TV viewing experience. After all, what is the point of great visuals, when you can hardly hear what’s going on? TCL understands This quite well, which is why the company launched the first-ever QLED Android TV with built-in Harman Kardon speakers in 2017. This allowed users to enjoy crisp audio alongside high-quality visuals. 

First Mini LED 4K Android TV with IMAX Enhanced support & Magic Camera  

TCL not only introduced the Mini LED technology in India, but is also the global pioneer of this field. The Mini LED technology aims to take home entertainment to the next level by delivering brighter whites and darker blacks. This results in better-looking visuals by creating a more natural-looking image.

First 4K HDR TV with Android 11 and Video Call Camera

TCL understands the demand of the market and does not leave any stone unturned to capitalise on the demand and meet the customer’s requirement. During the pandemic, the world had quickly shifted online and TCL understood the need to stay connected virtually and introduced the first-ever Video Call TV. 

TCL’s Connection with India

The rising demand for consumer electronics is making India one of the fastest-developing markets. TCL not only considers India as a major contributor to its growth, but also sees it as a strategic market. The brand has established its biggest overseas manufacturing plant in India in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, which will soon commence the production of LED panels. This is a clear indication that the company values the Indian market and consumers as well. It aims to provide India-centric products at the best prices. It also endeavours to create more job opportunities and fuel the economic development of the country. The brand continuously launches products featuring the latest tech, which reaffirms its presence and a strong focus on the Indian market. 

Apart from the latest product launches, TCL’s expansion plan in the Indian market also involves partnering with major sports leagues and teams. It has partnered with the Indian Premier League’s Sunrisers Hyderabad for the third time in a row. The aim of this partnership is to widen its consumer base and bring together the cricket fans of India, while offering them a spectacular viewing experience.  

The brand and the Indian market are quite dynamic. As consumer demands in the Indian market keep changing, TCL also keeps up the pace and makes sure to study the changing demands of the masses and offer high-end AI x IoT enabled televisions and smart home appliances. TCL’s range of smart TVs aim to satiate the lifestyle needs of young Indian consumers. 

Way Ahead

To focus better on the Indian market, the brand plans to invest in R&D, marketing, and advertising in the country. The investment will help TCL establish its footprint and set a benchmark in the Indian market. It also plans to expand its reach to tier II and III cities to bring more people closer to cutting-edge technology. The brand is also looking forward to expanding its product portfolio in the Indian market. 

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