Here’s what makes iQOO 11 a game-changer in its segment

By Brand Story | Published 09 Jan 2023 13:24 IST
Here’s what makes iQOO 11 a game-changer in its segment

iQOO is a brand that has gained a reputation for producing high-quality smartphones that are particularly appealing to gaming enthusiasts. The iQOO 11 is the latest offering from the brand and it aims to be a game-changer in the world of smartphone gaming. It is powered by the top-of-the-line Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, which gives it the power and performance capabilities to meet the needs of even the most demanding users.

In addition to its impressive performance hardware, the iQOO 11 also places a strong emphasis on providing an exceptional user experience. The brand has carefully considered all the details that matter when it comes to creating a smartphone that offers a seamless and enjoyable experience for its users. Let's take a closer look at what makes the iQOO 11 so exciting.

Cutting-edge display technology

The iQOO 11 boasts an E6 AMOLED display with a sharp 2K resolution, making it the first of its kind in India. The 6.78-inch panel utilises advanced LTPO 3.0 technology, allowing it to achieve an impressive 1800 nits of brightness and up to 144Hz refresh rate while still consuming 25% less power than E4 AMOLED displays. In addition, the display emits 25% less harsh blue light than previous-generation E6 displays. 

The practical flat screen design enhances the immersive experience and is convenient for gaming, while the Gorilla Glass Victus protection ensures durability and peace of mind for consumers.

Packs a performance punch! 

The iQOO 11 boasts robust performance hardware, including the first-in-India Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform that offers up to 35% and 25% improvements in CPU and GPU performance compared to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. 

The powerful chipset is further supported by 16GB of lightning-fast and energy-efficient LPDDR5X RAM. The phone also has up to 256GB of super-fast UFS 4.0 storage that increases read speed by 100% and reduces power consumption by up to 40% as compared to the last gen storage. 

Additionally, the Extended RAM 3.0 feature allows users to use up to 8GB of storage as RAM, boosting multitasking capabilities to new heights. Needless to say, that’s an astonishing amount of power packed in a smartphone! However, there is more to assist gamers.

V2 Chip further boosts gaming and camera capabilities!

The V2 Chip enhances frame rates in games, providing a more immersive and enjoyable experience. It allows gamers to enjoy frame rates of up to 144fps in certain games, where the current maximum is 60fps or 90fps. To help prevent performance throttling during extended gaming sessions, the phone is equipped with a 4013mm² VC Chamber made of stamped stainless steel for effective heat dissipation. 

The Dual X Axis Linear Motor also enhances the gaming experience by vibrating separately based on the pressure on the left and right sides of the display or simultaneously to simulate real-world scenes. Gamers can also use motion controls to smoothly navigate challenging gameplay scenarios.

As for the camera enhancements, the V2 chip improves the quality of night videos and photos by reducing noise and increasing brightness and clarity. It uses Pro MEMC, Super NR, and AISR technology to enhance the dynamic range and resolution of night photos.

Style with substance 

The iQOO 11 boasts a design that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. The leather finish on the back not only lends the device a premium feel but also provides a firm grip that will be appreciated by gamers. The race track stripes on the rear, inspired by BMW, give the device a sporty and performance-oriented vibe. The Cloud De Paris pattern on the race track line adds a touch of refinement and luxury.

The Next Level Performer

iQOO 11 is a powerhouse that aims to push the boundaries of mobile performance even further. With its cutting-edge specifications and features, it will appeal to consumers looking for the ultimate gaming smartphone that offers a smooth and refined user experience.

The iQOO 11 is a smartphone that offers a combination of advanced display technology, powerful performance hardware, and useful gaming features in a practical design. It features a triple camera system with a 50MP GN5 Ultra-Sensing Camera that utilizes advanced imaging technologies to enhance lowlight performance and can also shoot 4K Super Night Videos. It has a large 5000mAh battery that supports fast charging with a 120W charger, ensuring to keep up with the demands of power users. The brand iQOO has been the fastest-growing smartphone brand in the 20-30K price range, according to CMR, and the release of the iQOO 11 is expected to help the brand maintain its strong market growth.