Here’s how the OPPO F3 helps Spidey click better pictures

Sponsored | Published 05 Jul 2017
Here’s how the OPPO F3 helps Spidey click better pictures
  • Not only does Spider-Man have to deal with fighting super villains, he also has to take a lot of pictures in order to keep his boss at the Daily Bugle happy

Peter Parker has a tough life. Not only has he got to deal with fighting super villains and thwarting their nefarious schemes as the friendly neighbourhood webslinger, he also has a job and a crazy boss to deal with at the Daily Bugle. While his boss, Mr. J. Jonah Jameson, would like nothing more than to fire him, Parker offers the Bugle something no other photographer can — exclusive pictures of Spider-Man. However, taking pictures of himself as Spider-Man isn’t easy. Not only does Parker have to position his camera perfectly, but also take a lot of action shots of himself swinging through New York and beating ‘em baddies up. 

Thankfully, there is a way for Parker to make it easier to take pictures of himself. All he needs to do is ditch that old camera and switch to the selfie superhero, the OPPO F3. Unlike other smartphones, the F3 has a superpower — a dual front-camera setup. Here is how the OPPO F3 can help Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man take better pictures for the Daily Bugle. 

Super fast focus

When Spidey is zipping between building, the last thing he would want is a blurry picture. Thankfully, the zippy focusing speeds on the OPPO F3 will ensure that every shot he takes is crystal clear. This speed is all down to the Phase Detection Autofocus Technology, or PDAF. This combined with Anti Shake 2.0 ensures that every shot is worthy of the the Daily Bugle’s front page. 

Who needs hands? 

When you are busy fighting villains or swinging between buildings, the last thing Spider-Man needs to worry about is fiddling with the shutter button. With the OPPO F3, he can wave those problems behind, quite literally. With this mode on, all Spidey needs to do is to wave at the camera and the phone will click a picture. 

Creature of the night

Spider-Man usually patrols the streets of New York at night because that is when the underbelly of the city coughs the bad guys out. Needless to say, this means that many of his pictures have to be clicked in low-light conditions. Thankfully, the 16MP front-facing camera sports a 1/3-inch sensor and a f/2.0 aperture lens that lets in more light, ensuring clear images in low-light conditions.

What a view

One of the perks of Spider-Man’s powers is that he can climb the Empire State Building and take in what could only be described as a spectacular view from there. With the OPPO F3, that view can be shared with everyone. With the help of the Double View Group Selfie Camera, Spidey can capture a lot more of the background in a single frame. Combine this with the Panorama Mode, and you’ve got a picture that looks absolutely stunning.

Expert mode for the expert 

Of course, Spider-Man is an professional photographer and at times, he might want to adjust the settings in order to get the perfect shot. The Expert Mode on the OPPO F3 lets him adjust the ISO, exposure, shutter speed and more in order to get that perfect shot.

Always space for pictures

The days of counting the photos you took on your phone, are long gone. The OPPO F3 comes with 64GB of onboard storage as well as a slot to expand the storage by up to 128GB via a microSD card slot. Now Spidey can take hundreds or even thousands of pictures and leave the trouble of sorting through them to Mr. Jameson. After all, he always wanted more pictures of Spider-Man.

With great power comes great responsibility, and OPPO knows that all too well. It knows that simply offering a dual-front camera setup is not enough. That is why all of the features on the OPPO F3 are geared towards offering a great picture every time. The phone is a not just a selfie expert, but a selfie superhero.