Playing Pokemon Go can earn you up to Rs. 25,000 per month now

By Prasid Banerjee | Updated 26 Jul 2016
Playing Pokemon Go can earn you up to Rs. 25,000 per month now
  • And the game isn't even officially available in India, yet!

Wanted Pokémon trainer dexterous at finding and catching Pokémons. That’s a listing on, seeking a Pokemon Catcher. The Bengaluru-based job portal has created a new category for Pokemon Catcher. It allows people to hire others to play Pokemon Go, the vastly popular augmented reality-based game, in their stead.


The company says that it expects this to become a trend soon. The job has currently been posted by Ash Ketchum. Pokemon fans will know that this is the lead character in the original anime series. According to Babajob, the company’s co-founder and COO, Vir Kashyap, is going to hire someone to play in his place.

In an email interaction with Digit, Kashyap explained that he and CEO, Sean Blagsvedt, started a friendly competition amongst themselves in the game. Kashyap however injured himself midway, rendering him unable to play. He plans to hire someone to play in his place, and the person will be paid Rs. 1,999 for reaching a particular level in the game.

The job posting states that the remuneration can go up to Rs, 25,000 per month. A sum that is equivalent to starting salaries for freshers in many specialised fields.

“One should be alert and swift. Also, the user should have enough knowledge about the Pokemon world to become a successful Pokemon Catcher,” said Kashyap, on being asked what the criteria for employment will be.


The opening is currently in Bengaluru, but the company said it has received lots of applications from across the country. The one selected will currently be going around Bengaluru, collecting Pokemon, and visiting other startups’ offices, which may appear as Pokestops in the game.

It was only a matter of time before Pokemon Go opened up opportunities for others to earn money off of it. Interestingly, the game isn’t even officially available in India yet, although, the country is generating a hefty load of the traffic on Niantic’s servers. The website shows that five applicants have already applied for the job, and Babajob is currently reviewing the applications to hire a Pokemon Catcher for Kashyap.

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