Best iPhone lock screen widget apps for iPhone 14 and other iPhones on iOS 16 and above

Best iPhone lock screen widget apps for iPhone 14 and other iPhones on iOS 16 and above
  • Apple allows widgets on the iPhone lock screen with the iOS 16 update.

  • Many of the stock iOS apps support widgets that you may already be using.

  • But, here you will come across some third-party widget apps for the iOS 16 lock screen.

One of the standout features of iOS 16 is the lock screen that now supports widgets and some wallpaper customizability. So, if you are looking to personalize your iPhone lock screen, here we have a list of iOS 16 lock screen widget apps that are worth trying.

1. Google apps widget

iOS 16 google widget

  • Google Search widget to quickly search anything on the Google search engine.
  • Gmail widget to see the number of new emails in the inbox.
  • Google News widget to stay updated on the latest news headline.
  • Chrome widget for quick search, playing the Dino game, etc.
  • Drive widget for quickly accessing a Drive file.

2. Facebook widget

Facebook widget

  • You get birthday notifications
  • Top updates from your feed

3. Apollo for Reddit widget

  • Trending post widget 
  • Inbox widget that shows the unread messages
  • Subreddit shortcut widget for your favorite subreddits.

4. Launcher widget

The Launcher widget lets you add a shortcut to your favorite app on the iOS 16 lock screen.

5. Widgetsmith

Widgetsmith iOS lockscreen

Choose and customize widgets from the Widgetsmith library. You get to tweak the widgets using the built-in tools of the app.

Similar apps include Themify, Brass, and ScreenKit.

6. Motivation – Daily quotes on iOS lock screen


Another similar apps is I Am.

7. Calendar by Fantastical widget

If Apple Calendar or Reminders are not your thing, then these 3rd party apps are worth checking out and now they come with iOS 16 lock screen widget support.

Simialr apps include ToDoist, Calendar by Fantastical or Pretty Progress.

8. Halide II Camera

9. Flighty

Flighty lockscreen

Another similar app is TripIt.

10. LookUp dictionary widget

11. ActivityTracker Pedometer


This one's for keeping track of your workout progress with easy-to-understand stats and streaks functionality. It could be used as an add-on to the built-in health and fitness widgets on your iPhone.

So these are some of the iOS lock screen widget apps that you may find useful. We will keep on updating the list as we find more such interesting widget apps for iPhone lock screens.

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