App of the Week: tlkn

By Arnab Mukherjee | Published on 27 Jan 2017
App of the Week: tlkn
  • Reinventing the original idea behind a phone - making a call.

Some would say that the primary reason for phones to exist is to make calls - silly right? However, it is true that the calling interface hasn’t changed for years - even though the phone itself has undergone a total overhaul. tlkn is an app that plans to change all of that by completely reimagining what making a call means to you. 

After a simple sign-up that requires nothing more than your email ID and phone number (yeah, no passwords!), the app starts off with a fresh approach to the dialer. Instead of seeing lists, lines and stats you see bubbles that show your most frequently called numbers on top. And once you tap on the contact, the next screen shows you the option to either call the person via your tlkn balance (which can be topped up via ‘Add Money’ feature that functions like an in-app purchase) or if the other person is also on tlkn, you can call them for free using ‘HD call’ function.

The app is targeted toward international calls, where your international contacts will have their local time displayed below their contact bubble. Another piece of information that is displayed below the bubble is a one-word status message to describe how you feel. A lot of the features of the app are based on a streamlined design ideology along with a focus on transparency. For example, each time you dial a new number from the app or call an existing contact using the Wallet balance, the associated call rates are displayed before you have placed a call.

The app can be used with up to 5 devices at a time, all with the same mobile number. You can add multiple mobile numbers to your profile if needed, as when you place the call to a non-tlkn user the call will still be displayed to be coming from your own number as if it’s a normal cellular call.

The app’s look and feel combined with the fresh approach to a phone’s primary objective makes it a unique choice for your primary calling app. You can get the app on Android and iOS.

Arnab Mukherjee



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