Adobe Max Showcased Vivid Content and the Benefits of CPU Optimization

By Promotion | Updated 27 Dec 2017
Adobe Max Showcased Vivid Content and the Benefits of CPU Optimization

More than twelve thousand of the world’s best video editors, moviemakers, photographers, and digital artists descended on Las Vegas for Adobe Max, October 18-20, 2017. 


As mentioned in our pre-event blog post, Adobe’s annual customer and product conference showcased an entire year of our collaborative work around CPU optimizations, partner relationships, and more.

Here are some of the highlights that impressed me most at this year’s event:  

  • Microsoft* and HP* launched powerful PCs designed specifically for digital content creation (DCC), adding features creators love such as fast Intel CPUs, touch screens and controller dials for easy editing.
  • Adobe announced the release of Adobe* Dimension* 3D modeling and creation software, which scales beautifully to CPU cores and was a key Intel booth demo.
  • Intel showed one of the first US public demos of new VR editing functionality integrated into Adobe Premiere* Pro. 
  • Incredible Intel processor performance scaling was demonstrated in our booth, the result of years of engineering work between the companies: 
  • 8K RED* digital camera content rendering at 60fps using all 36 “Skylake-X” Intel® Core™ i9 processor threads in Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Dimension 3D rendering scaling almost linearly from quad core to 16 cores.
  • The first ever public showing of the Adobe DNG* raw image converter with new optimizations showing nearly an order of magnitude improvement on the same 16-core system with optimized vs. non-optimized code.

  • Adobe announced a new version of Photoshop* that adds 360 panorama support and Microsoft* Dial support, and they previewed its upcoming “Deep upscale” feature.
  • Sensei* AI everywhere -- Adobe’s AI framework was in almost every major keynote tech demo, and it underpins 15 Adobe applications today. Intel looks forward to working with Adobe to make sure Sensei runs great on Intel.

  • The Adobe Sneaks event showed off exciting “in the labs” demos of potential future products and technology features. Many show promise for scaling to super-fast Intel processors. For example, Cloak removes unwanted images frame by frame from video, Physics Pak uses physics to scale objects and create images, Sidewinder is a VR stereo depth application, and DeepFill is a content aware image fill tool.

  • Intel showcased the Dunkirk* VR experience at our booth to demonstrate how Virtual Reality drives totally new experiences demanding great performance on both the creation and the consumption side.
  • Adobe announced that there are 100M assets available on Adobe Stock* (2D, 3D, video, and templates), providing assets across all workflows and Adobe applications. The sheer number of quality assets feeds the demand for fast Intel-based systems to plow through all the creativity being thrown at them.

For more such intel IoT resources and tools from Intel, please visit the Intel® Developer Zone




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