Best Earbuds under ₹1,000 in India

Best Earbuds under ₹1,000 in India

Having a good pair of earbuds is extremely vital today be it for listening to music, making calls, watching movies or TV shows, and more. The audio market is brimming with options, however, not all of these are pocket-friendly. The sub-1K price segment does have some excellent, value for money audio options but it is hard to find them amidst the sea of low-quality earphones that are usually found in this price bracket. This is where we come in. Good earbuds under 1K should have decent audio quality, an inbuilt microphone, and playback controls. If the sound quality is far better than what’s expected in this price range, we are alright with sacrificing the playback controls and microphone too. There are many earbuds under 1,000 in India that provide a decent blend of features and performance. You may even find some Bluetooth earbuds under 1000, but ensure the quality is good since wireless earbuds under 1000 with inferior quality are common. You can always try some of the more expensive options. However, if you are looking for a good pair of earbuds under 1000 that are also good enough to listen to music, make calls, and watch movies, then these are the earbuds for you.

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The 1MORE Piston Fit is a wired earphone housing a 10mm dynamic dual-layer composite driver made of aerospace-grade titanium. The earphone is available in four colours and looks extremely premium for the price. The earphone delivers balanced yet vibrant sound with punchy lows, detailed mids and clear highs. The earbuds are angled to help them fit in the ears easily. You also get three sizes of silicone ear tips. The earphone features an inbuilt microphone and a multifunction button for controlling music playback and calls. There’s no official water resistance so be careful about that. You also get an L-shaped 3.5mm audio connector which allows you to hold your phone comfortably when using them.

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Playback Time: 30 Hours
Frequency Range: 12 Hz to 22 kHz
Dimensions: 27 x 26 x 20.5

Housing a 30mm dynamic driver, the Sony MDR-ZX110A is a wired on-ear headphone with energetic and bass-biased sound. So, for users who like headphones with a bass-heavy sound, this is a great wired option for under Rs 1,000. The headphones are well-designed and lightweight, so you can easily carry them around when you’re out and about. They can also be folded for enhanced portability. The closed-back design ensures decent isolation and minimal sound leakage. The earpads are cushioned as well. However, the earphones, unfortunately, don’t come with an inbuilt microphone but the build and sound quality compensates for that loss.

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If you’re looking for everything the Sony MDR-ZX110A offers plus an inbuilt microphone and multifunction button, the boAt Bassheads 900 is your best option under Rs 1,000. While the sound quality may not be quite as refined as the Sony MDR-ZX110A, you get decent build quality, a pretty good microphone and music playback controls with this one. The headphones house 40mm drivers that provide deep bass response which bass lovers will enjoy. The headphones also can be folded and come with a tangle-resistant cable with a 3.5mm audio jack. Additionally, these cans also are pretty lightweight at only 150g and are comfortable to wear, thanks to the ear cups have soft cushioning as well for added comfort.

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The sub-1K price segment is often littered with bass-biased earphones and headphones, however, the Audio Technica ATH-CLR100iS doesn’t go down the same path and offers balanced sound at this competitive price. The 8.5mm driver produces crystal clear highs and mids with balanced bass response. You also get inbuilt controls for handsfree calling and music playback. There’s also an inbuilt microphone that is pretty decent for calls. The design is simple and the earbuds are lightweight. You get three sizes of silicone ear tips to choose from. If close-to-neutral sound without breaking the bank, these earbuds are probably your best bet under Rs 1,000. The only con is that the build isn’t as premium as the 1MORE Piston Fit so you will need to choose between flat sound and premium build.

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From the iconic German audio brand Blaupunkt comes the EM10 in-ear wired earphone at a very affordable price. The earphones have a fairly balanced sound signature with slightly boosted bass response. It definitely does punch above its weight when it comes to sound quality though and is one of the better-sounding earphones under 1K. The earphones also house a multifunction remote control that can be used for calls and music playback. There’s also an inline microphone for calls. Additionally, you get an L-shaped audio connector. The earphones have an angled design that is made to fit into ear canals more securely. Due to the snug fit, you also get pretty good passive isolation.

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Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20kHz
Dimensions: ‎4.2 x 6.1 x 17.5

For those scouring the market for a good pair of sports earphones under Rs 1,000, the JBL Endurance Run sports earphones may be one of the best options in this price range. Not only are these earphones IPX5 water and sweat resistant but they also come with TwistLock and FlexSoft technologies for added comfort and stability. TwistLock refers to the angled earbuds and the twist-locking mechanism that holds them in place and FlexSoft are the soft, ear tips that feel comfortable over long periods of time. They also come with an inbuilt microphone and a multifunction button. The button can be used for music controls, calls and to summon your device’s voice assistant.

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It’s rare to find quality truly wireless earbuds under Rs 1,000, and the Truke Fit 1+ is one of the best ones you can purchase at this price point. Priced at Rs 999, the earbuds come equipped with a host of features along with decent sound quality as well. The earphones are powered by Bluetooth v5.1 and come with 12 hours of playtime on a single charge. The earbuds along with the case have a total battery life of 36 hours which is excellent for the price. The 10mm drivers provide bass-boosted sound and support the SBC and AAC codecs. It also comes with a Gaming Mode with 85ms low latency. Not just that, you also get IPX4 water and sweat resistance with these as well.

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Another TWS option under 1K with a fair number of features is the Ambrane NeoBuds 33. The sound quality is mediocre – a bit too bass boosted but the features make up for it, and if you’re a bass lover, you may even end up loving the sound. The earbuds come with 15 hours of total playback time and IPX4 sweat resistance. They are powered by Bluetooth v5.0 so the wireless connectivity is also pretty decent. You also get controls for music playback on the buds that can also summon your device’s voice assistant. Overall, it’s a decent choice for under 1K but the Truke earphones are a bit more reliable when it comes to sound quality.

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If you’re looking for neckband style wireless earphones under 1K, the Boult Audio ProBass Curve is a good choice. The earphones’ build feels premium and it looks elegant as well. It comes with 12 hours of wireless playback time, which is pretty good for the price. You also get an inbuilt microphone, inbuilt playback controls, and IPX5 water resistance. The earbuds are also available in five different colours. The buds are angled inwards, making them more comfortable and secure when worn. They also come with Bluetooth 5.0 that ensures pretty stable wireless connection.

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When you are looking for a pair of TWS earbuds under one thousand rupees then your options are far and few between. However, if you are bent on getting a pair of TWS earbuds, then the Amazon Basics True Wireless in-Ear Earbuds are one of the few pairs you can get your hands on. The Amazon Basics True Wireless in-Ear Earbuds come with their fair share of features that you would generally see on higher priced products. They feature Bluetooth 5.3, Up to 30 Hours Play Time, Voice Assistance and Fast Charging. Add to that IPX5 water resistance and you have a decent pair of earbuds for the price.

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