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Google News Initiative commences Asia-Pacific Innovation Challenge, offers up to $300,000 to selected projects

By Press Release | Published on 21 Nov 2018
  • Google is inviting project proposals that aim at generating revenue from readers and is offering up to $300,000 dollars to the ones that are selected.

Google News Initiative commences Asia-Pacific Innovation Challenge, offers up to $300,000 to selected projects

Google has announced its Asia-Pacific Innovation Challenge in India under its News Initiative. The aim of the challenge is to get proposals from publishers and journalists that are aimed at increasing the revenue from readers. The projects that are selected will be funded by Google and the company will not only provide up to $300,000 but also finance up to 70 percent of the total project cost.

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In Asia-Pacific,  journalists and publishers are increasingly grappling with questions over how quality journalism can thrive in the digital age. From Yangon to Manila, Sydney to New Delhi, they are experimenting with fresh approaches to reporting and new business models.

We’ve been working hand in hand with publishers to understand those challenges, and over the past year we’ve supported Asian newsrooms and publishers through the Google News Initiative (GNI).

To help build a stronger future for journalism in Asia-Pacific, we created the Asia-Pacific GNI Innovation Challenge, which will fund projects that inject new ideas into the news industry.

How does the challenge work?

We are inviting proposals for projects aimed at increasing revenue from readers, including subscriptions, membership programs, contributions and/or new digital products and services.  A panel of Googlers and other tech industry executives will review the submissions and fund selected projects up to $300,000 and finance up to 70 percent of the total project cost.

The funding will be reviewed against several criteria, including a “sharing component” -  for example by publishing any findings or holding a seminar - so grantees can pass their knowledge onto others in the industry. For more information on eligibility, rules and criteria, sample projects and funding details, head over to our website.

How to apply?

Given the pace of change in the news industry, innovation has never been more important.  We want to make sure that all organizations, large and small, in the Asia-Pacific news ecosystem have the opportunity to suggest new ideas around this critically important topic.

Applications open on November 28, and the deadline to submit is January 9.  If you have any questions, tune into our APAC town hall on Monday, December 11 at 3.00 pm Singapore time. We are ready to help put your ideas into action and look forward to seeing what you submit!

Press Release
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