Yahoo Mail app can now be used with any email address

By Press Release | Updated 1 May 2017
Yahoo Mail app can now be used with any email address
  • Users can now use the Yahoo Mail app to read emails from their Gmail, Outlook or AOL accounts

Yahoo has announced that users can now use its app to access mails from other email services like Gmail, Outlook or AOL. To use the feature, users have to tap their email provider on the welcome screen and use their Gmail, Outlook or AOL address to create a Yahoo account and give it permission to sync their emails with the mail app. 


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Yahoo today announced the opportunity to experience the Yahoo mail app, without having to switch to a brand new email address. Users can now use the app with their Gmail, Outlook or AOL email address. The Yahoo Mail app team is always looking to create new features that help people stay organized – from customizable swipes and people-only notifications, to our recently announced top search results. These features have helped make reading, organizing and sending emails easier than ever, and our users have thanked us by making Yahoo Mail one of the top-rated email apps for iOS and Android.

To access the new feature, tap your email provider from the welcome screen, use your Gmail, Outlook or AOL email address to create a Yahoo account, and give Yahoo permission to sync your email messages in the Mail app. Start enjoying an organized inbox experience immediately.


The Yahoo Mail app has a number of unique features, and below are just a few that you can start taking advantage of today:

Relevant search results: Spend less time searching for the emails you need. Now, when you search your email using a keyword, we’ll highlight the most relevant messages.

People-only notifications: Get notified only when you receive a new email from a person, not companies or newsletters.

Customizable swipes: Choose which action appears when you swipe left or right on a message, including delete, archive, move and more.


Contacts: Yahoo Mail displays comprehensive, editable contact cards, powered by Xobni, that detect all the email addresses and phone numbers associated with that person. We also pull photos from Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, so you’ll see great images from senders more often.

Personalized themes and stationery: Make your inbox more personalized with custom themes and your notes more modern with stationery from Paperless Post.

Ditch your password:  Never stress about remembering your password again. Enable Account Key for secure, password-free sign in.


Multiple mailbox management: If you already have a Yahoo email account, you can easily connect and manage email accounts from Gmail,, Hotmail and AOL.

The new Yahoo Mail app is available in the App Store (iOS 4.15) and Google Play (Android 5.15). Check it out and let us know what you think — just go to Settings and tap “Send Feedback.”

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