Reliance Jio prepaid plans for ₹349 and ₹899 introduced in India

Reliance Jio prepaid plans for ₹349 and ₹899 introduced in India

Reliance Jio has quietly introduced two new prepaid plans on its website.

The plans cost ₹349 and ₹899.

The idea behind the plans is to improve the revenue generated per user.

Jio has recently added two new plans to its offerings, with validity periods of 30 and 90 days. The plans, costing ₹349 and ₹899 respectively, were quietly introduced and are intended to provide more data for customers with rounded validity periods. It remains to be seen if these plans will have a significant impact on customers, but it appears to be a move by Jio to increase its average revenue per user. 


Reliance Jio ₹349 Prepaid Plan

The ₹349 prepaid plan from Reliance Jio offers a daily data allowance of 2.5GB, along with unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS per day, and complimentary subscriptions to JioCinema, JioTV, JioSecurity, and JioCloud apps. This plan has a validity of 30 days, costing the user ₹11.63 per day.

Reliance Jio has launched two new prepaid plans

Reliance Jio ₹899 prepaid plan

The Rs 899 prepaid plan from Reliance Jio offers 2.5GB of daily data, as well as 100 SMS per day and unlimited voice calling. Additional app subscriptions include JioCinema, JioTV, JioSecurity, and JioCloud. This plan has a validity of 90 days and costs the user Rs 9.99 per day.

Both these plans offer 2.5GB of daily data, which is a unique category that may appeal to niche customers. 2.5GB daily data plans are not common in India, and this is because they tend to be expensive. Jio also introduced another 2.5GB daily data plan in December 2022 for Rs 2023, which offers 252 days of service validity, unlimited voice calls, and 100 SMS per day.

Users who opt for either the ₹349 or ₹899 plan will also be eligible for Jio's 5G Welcome Offer.

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